5 Fundamental SEO Metrics that can Establish the Value Of A Website

In today’s scenario, there are numerous blogs running online. Marketers and bloggers are finding out various ways to monetize their blogs and rank them to top in the search engine. However, not every blog is running successfully. So in this article we have listed the metrics that can establish value to a website.

Develop your niche and focus on it

Every website is being created with a purpose or goal. Online business has a goal for which it runs and this needs to be showcased on the homepage. The readers should get a glimpse of what they are getting at your website and what will they achieve at the end. The main goal of publishing content is to grab the attention of the readers. Therefore know your niche and focus on building quality content on it. You can prepare a report that enables you to determine your goals, the goals conversion rates and number of goals fulfilled. By evaluating the results you can know the organic traffic obtained by calculating the return on investment derived.

Research for keywords thoroughly

The main thing about generating high quality content is to embed necessary keywords in it. The selection of relevant keywords is a very important yet difficult task which most of the bloggers are failed to do. For better SEO you can refer to Toronto’s best SEO that can provide you the list of useful keywords for which your site ranks top on Google. Your ranking keywords can bring you more traffic and also provoke visitors to stick on your site.

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Insert keywords in content properly

The different pages in the search engine are named accordingly but the homepage is to be optimized with a certain term. The people while searching for something in the Google enter the word or sets of work to get the desired results. So in order to get your content reached by millions of people, you are required to insert necessary keywords in the articles. Do not just insert keywords irrelevantly but put the right keywords at right places.

Reduce website loading time

The website loading time can be a large hindrance for your site when it comes to ranking of your website and engaging huge traffic. There are different factors that lead to the website loading time that are needed to be reduced:

  • Mobile SEO
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There is no doubt in the fact that mobile users are increasing rapidly as compared to the PC users. It implies that your website should have a responsive design. If there will be any interference with user’s comfort then they will not return to your site again. Mobile users are very less patient and do not wait for any site to load in long time.

  • Avoid heavy graphics

Where images enhance the quality of the content, but unnecessary scripts and plugin increase the loading time of the site and make it look unprofessional. So shift your focus towards simplicity and provide easy user interface. A homepage is the main page in terms of gaining attention of users and make potential visitors. Avoid the use of complex graphics at least in the homepage.

  • Begin with an SEO audit
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The visibility of a site is the main thing that attracts the readers and it will affect their interest in your content. Always check the status of the broken links, sub domains and other technical faults that can hamper the visibility of your site. Create a regular list of things that are needed to be changed instead of taking care of them along working with.

Perform SEO for producing quality content

Content is the key for success of any site. SEO focuses on building links along with the quality content and social media signals. A way to engage your visitor’s interest in your site is to generate informative content with proper keywords and suitable title. So create your content by managing SEO factors including Meta descriptions, alt text, keywords, etc.

Final words:

So these are the above top metrics that can help you in understanding the right and wrong thing happened to your site. In order to make your SEO works better, you should consider these metrics and develop your site to a valuable one.


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