Get Free Traffic To Your Website following these simple steps

1. Facebook – Exchange traffic

Facebook - Exchange traffic

Nowadays you can trade just about anything, website visitors are no exception. I am not talking about irrelevant or untargeted visitors through dubious Ad schemes. I am talking about contacting the owners of related Facebook groups or Fan-Like Pages and offering to post their Fan Pages either on your wall or your Fan Page.

You can also add their Facebook Fan page to your friend's list in exchange for them doing the same. Always set your Facebook Fan Page Welcome tab to default view – this should contain your list opt-in details. This is an ideal way to get targeted visitors, all for free.

2. Blog Sharing

Blog Sharing

Whenever you publish a post on your blog, you can syndicate your Blog to appear on Facebook automatically, this can be done through a free system called Networked Blogs – your post can also be associated with your Facebook Fan/Like the page, the old version of Facebook Group and your twitter accounts. When Network Blogs syndicate this, it will fetch a lot of traffic to your blog, as it will appear on your wall – for all your Facebook friends. You will also go viral as viewers through networked Blogs are given the option to share, vote, comment or tweet it on Twitter. People love Blogs because people can leave a comment or express their thoughts.

3. YouTube – Video Marketing

YouTube - Video Marketing

Videos are the great tool for explaining the information about your product. Generating free videos with useful content and uploading it to the video-friendly sites is a great way for creating a viral traffic share system. Use Camtasia to create videos. If you don't want to use Camtasia for some reason, no worries you can use your digital cam or a cell with a camera to create videos. Some of the top video sharing websites are YouTube, Yahoo videos, MSN, AOL,, People love watching videos. They will find the information in the video useful and share it,

  1. Using video on your website or blog can build trust in the user's mind. If people know you and trust you, they are more likely to buy your product. It is a very useful marketing tool
  2. Ask them to comment or click on the like button on your video. The more people see that other people are interested, the more new people get interested and trust us. Make a lot of videos for promotion and keep uploading it.
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4. Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging

Find highly rated, high traffic Blogs (Check Alexa) in your Niche, contact the owners and ask them if you can submit a Blog post, tell them how beneficial your exclusive content will be to their readers…

It's nice for the Blog owners as they have many wide-ranging articles by different authors, and it's good for the person who guests Blogs as they get links back to their Website or Blog.  However, you should prepare quality, unique and actual content that solve users’ problems.

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5. Forum Marketing

Forum Marketing

Forum marketing is the most effective way to promote products and drive massive traffic to websites. Keep visiting forums related to your niche and participate in the discussions, offer useful advice in the reply posted by a forum member in the thread. Find some forums that allow you to set up a signature, which will appear under your reply. Create an effective signature with your main keyword hyperlinking to your website, here you need some HTML work. When replying to the post do not anything irrelevant, but try to some the person's problem.

6. Blog/Crowd Marketing

Blog Crowd Marketing

It is similar to Forum marketing, all you have to do is find blog relevant to your niche and start commenting on there blog, include your main keyword linking to your blog

If the blog owner finds your comments useful, he/ she may contact you to act as a guest Blogger. Keep the comments coming; people love comments, if they are good enough – people will click on your link and want to know more about you.

7. SQUIDOO (in the past), for now, it's Hubpages


You can get free traffic resource by linking Hubpages back to your Website or Blog. You can do this by adding your articles, then adding appropriate links.

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You can also add your Website's RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed. Create as many free lenses as you want and add your links or affiliate banners to them.

Overall, Hubpages lenses rank quite well on Google, in case you optimize your Squidoo lens properly with lots of good quality keywords. You can also add as many tags to each lens as you want. Don't forget to include your keyword in the title of your lens.

Also, you can use other articles or sites directories or blog platforms where you submit your articles, information about your site or you as the blogger. But pay attention to these sites rank, and don't use over spammed ones.

8. Create FREE Reports and Give Them Away

Create FREE Reports and Give Them Away

Make a free report about your niche with useful information in it; this could be a small report of just 2-3 pages or more, convert it into a pdf file & share it. By creating free reports of value and linking them back to your Web Page or Blog, you will get traffic; you can also ask people to share your report with friends via email.

9. Link Exchange

Link Exchange

You can approach the owners of high traffic Blogs & Websites to exchange links with you. They can only say no, or they won't reply you. Keep approaching different owners.

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