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We are India's very first Lithium-Ion battery modern technology based manufacturer of electric automobiles with a production capacity of 500 Electric Cycles monthly. We are soon to launch various other amazing Electric Cars.

We have got exception from Automotive Research Organization of India (ARAI) under Central Motor Vehicle Rules (CMVR) for all our designs of Electric Cycles under vehicles having power less than 250W and therefore they come under the No Permit, No enrollment group. (The only firm in India to do so in all its variations).

Hulikkal Electric Bicycles

Hulikkal Electric Bicycles– Green, Clean & Economical



Hulikkal Electric Bicycles Powered with Lithium Ion Batteries


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Hulikkal utilizes advanced Lithium-ion technology for its battery loads. Our Lithium-Ion batteries can be billed or discharged at any moment irrespective of their existing fee degrees. The 3 factor led indication shows the cost degree of the battery. Hulikkal's Lithium-ion innovation gives an exceptional 1.5 humans resources total charging time which is far minimal compared to that of any Lead Acid (5.5-6.5 hrs) billing the on the market.


  • The battery is of advanced Lithium-Ion innovation based
  • 250 Watt Human resources battery pack that does not require any type of replacement for a minimum of 3 years *.
  • Claimed Cycle Life: 1000 to 1200 cost/ discharge cycles.
  • Consistent power result at any fee degree.
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Li-On Batteries additionally have.

  • Superior low temperature efficiency.
  • Enhanced safety and security via multi-level battery management systems.
  • High resistance to thermal-mechanical-electrical misuse by design.

Hulikkal contributes not just towards saving the environment by conserving priceless and depleting fossil fuels but also offers an economically viable recommendation compared to other IC Engine or Lead Acid based Electric Vehicles.

Hulikkal makes use of only long-term Lithium-Ion cells in its batteries which are perfectly environment secure. Whereas all other preferred existing gamers in the market use typical lead acid batteries that are prone to leakage and require costly yearly battery substitute.

Benefits of Lithium-Ion batteries over Lead Acid batteries

ParameterLead Acid BatteriesHulikkal Lithium-ion Batteries
Life of Battery1 Year3 Years
Idle DischargingSelf battery discharge when idleNo-Self Discharge
Charging Time5.5 to 6.5 Hrs1.5 Hrs
PortabilityPoor(10-12 Kg battery weight)Easy(only 3 Kg battery weight)
Charging Cycles300 to 5001000
Power outputDeteriorates as it dischargesConstant over discharge
Yearly Cost of Battery replacementRs. 10,000 to 12,000-Nil-
Possibility of leakageLow to MediumZero
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