Improving Productivity by Using Headsets for the Office

Productivity in the office is hinged on posture. It may seem unrelated, but something small and insignificant-looking such as an office headset can be crucial to how productive and efficient someone is. According to studies, using a headset at the office increases one’s productivity levels by up to 43 percent. Research and observation have proven an office headset to be an essential item at the office. This conclusion and discovery created a demand and paved the way for companies to be formed to provide the best office headset to the market. They normally cater to offices as a whole, but also sell the products to individual buyers.

Benefits of an office headset

Freedom and productivity

 By using an office headset, both hands become free to do other tasks such as type on the computer, go through files, jot down notes, and the like, instead of one hand being stuck holding the phone. Other headsets are more hi-tech and are wireless. A wireless headset allows the user to pick up calls while being 300 feet away from the desk.

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Input and output 

One can usually tell if the person they are talking to at the other line is preoccupied or moving around. The distance between the mouth and the phone provides room for other things from the environment to interfere. An office headset addresses that problem by bringing the microphone as close to the mouth as possible. It enables the user to “stay in the same position” and keeps the voice consistent, regardless of activity. There are models that have noise-canceling technology installed at the microphone, so the receiver hears only the caller.

Furthermore, a headset also cancels background noise, which increases the focus and productivity of the user.


When using a phone handset to answer a call, it takes up one hand. However, when the person suddenly needs to use both hands, because, for example, typing with one hand is a tedious task, that person will have to cradle the phone in between the ear and shoulder. This leads to poor posture and causes much pain in the neck and back area. How many calls are received in a day, multiplied by five or more days a week, and it is imaginable the effect of this practice has on posture and the pain that comes if poor posture is continuously followed.

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Purchasing an office headset

 While the numerous benefits of an office headset might make anyone with a desk job presume that they are expensive, there are many in the market that fit the budget. Companies usually provide the headset in advance, or they could be requested; however, they only have the generic models, and depending on the necessity and amount of time spent on calls, the user might need to purchase a better one for himself.

Companies that sell office headsets offer support and warranty to ensure that the product works at its best. Knowing the importance of those calls, the companies often give lifetime after-sales support and could resolve issues within minutes. The user could rest assured that productivity won’t be hampered if there were technical difficulties.

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When it comes to the natural wear and tear of the headset, such as the ear cushions, headbands, and ear hooks, a replacement could be easily requested to ensure that the product functions optimally.

Using an office headset has never been more popular and perceived as a necessity for a desk job. The benefits and effects it has on efficiency, productivity, and health convince many to replace the typical phone with an office headset.

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