Why You Should Invest In A Bio-Ethanol Fireplace Today

Many people will put on heavy cloths that can keep them warm and would rather stay under a blanket during those nights that suddenly turn chilly and the cold months, which is not something that anyone should have to ensure indoors. But in most cases, we turn to our home heaters for some warmth.

Before turning up the thermostat or reaching for more blankets as you snuggle next to the fireplace, you should look into the benefits of investing in a bio-ethanol fireplace. Your home will benefit substantially from an ethanol fireplace and below are five reasons that should motivate you to get one today.

1. Has A Modern Design

If you have a modern home, then do not stray from the norm by opting for a traditional fireplace such as this from Ethanol Fireplace Pros. Moreover, your home can do with a modern upgrade such as an ethanol fireplace. The addition will bring in some character and classiness to the place without having to spend much. The market offers different ethanol fireplaces thus you will not miss something that is perfect for your home.

Your choice should complement the existing décor and character of the room and the house in general. If your décor lots of details with unmissable character, then you should pick something mellow (simple) but still modern. However, most of the ethanol fireplaces are ornate thus you will find something that blends in perfectly with your home is a little plain and you want something eccentric that adds some oddity and makes the place feel more “homey.”

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Many apartments have restrictions regarding what a tenant can do to the place, and thinking of getting a portable ethanol fireplace is a safe bet. It is practical yet a cost-effective heating source for the house.

2. An Ideal Supplemental Heat Source

The fireplace is mostly installed as a source of heat while also adding some eccentricity to the structural elements of a home. Most of the traditional fireplaces use wood and have been around for ages and a typical installation in many households. The ethanol fireplace is the modern replaces for the typical installations. The new entry has fewer emissions than the wood-burning counterpart thus does not degrade the quality of indoor air and is a far more superior heat source in comparison.

A flue is an essential feature installed in homes that have log-burning fireplaces, it helps with ventilation to ensure the proper escape of smoke produced by the burning wood. If the smoke cannot find a seamless way out, then it can spread in the house and pose all kinds of dangers including health issues related to inhaling smoke. But the flue also allows some of the heat produced in the fireplace to escape.

In essence, the conventional fireplace is not as cost-effective as we may think. Fortunately, the ethanol fireplaces can be installed in any home and do not need the flue or ventilation system because they are smokeless and do not produce any air pollutants.

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3. Clean & Eco-Friendly

When it comes to heating the home, it is wise to invest in something that offers clean and sustainable heat; the bio-ethanol heats are thus the best investment that provides both. Play your part in taking care of this blue planet because you do not have another. Therefore, you switch from the log-burning fireplaces to the eco-friendly ethanol ones is a significant move toward caring for the environment.

Ethanol home heats are smoke-free because their fuel source is ethanol (ethyl alcohol) and the gas produces negligible amounts carbon dioxide since it is made from fermented plants such as sugarcane, corn, and switchgrass.  The carbon dioxide is roughly the same amount as what humans exhale.

4. Minimal Installation Costs

The ethanol home heaters come with no installation fees. They can be placed nearly anywhere in a room since they are independent thus do not need to be embedded somewhere or inserted into the wall (although, you also can get such options). All you need is to get the heating unit and some ethanol fuel and you are set.

With the traditional wood-burning pits, you need to anchor them on the fall or the wall or do some construction work to alter the walls and make room for a fireplace, both of which are expensive. The smoke they produce is yet another drawback of the log-burning fireplaces. Conversely, opting for a radiator or a boiler will also be a costly investment if you also factor in their installation and maintenance costs.

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That's why the bio-ethanol home heaters are the ideal solution. They are low-cost, eco-friendly, and highly durable since they are made from sturdy stainless steel and will run for years without any troubles. Most of these ethanol heaters can run for 20 – 50 years with some of the high-end models estimated to work for nearly 100 years. Replacing one is no expensive hassle since the unit is not structurally attached to your home.

5. Low Maintenance & Ease Of Use

Ethanol home heaters are low maintenance and easy to use. They do not produce any harmful gasses or particles into the air and leave no charcoal behind. As such, the unit will not discolor or corrode because the flames have no emissions and no residue is left once the fuel is used up. In short, you will have a home heater that will serve your home for many years and never lose its aesthetics or functionality.

Heat is a necessity in many households especially during the cold months or those chilly nights when temperatures take a dip. Why should you invest in harmful ways of heating your home or be uncomfortable huddled up in many blankets next to a smoking fireplace? Make the switch today. Buy a bio-ethanol fireplace and enjoy the benefits of having a low-cost, low maintenance unit that looks great and keeps you and your family toasty without fail.

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