How to Improve Vaping Battery Life

Vaping devices, with the exception of disposable electronic cigarettes, are designed to use rechargeable batteries for vaping anywhere. Properly caring for the batteries helps extend their useful life regardless of how often they are used. As such, it’s possible for you to extend the life of the battery used on your vaping device, and therefore reduce the related replacement cost.

Follow the tips below to lengthen your vaping battery’s useful life:

Quick Tip To Extend Vaping Battery Life #1: Storing Your Vape Battery

If you intend to store your battery for an extended period, it’s recommended that you exercise some level of caution. First and foremost, keep it away from heat and direct sunlight; exposure to these elements is known to significantly reduce the lifespan of rechargeable batteries. Additionally, it’s recommended that you avoid placing the battery close to edges. Sudden falls and knocks also significantly reduce a battery’s useful life.

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Quick Tip To Extend Vaping Battery Life #2: Optimal Charging

It’s recommended that you avoid totally draining your battery during use. This not only negatively affects the quality of the vaping experience, but also works to decrease the battery’s useful life. Note that a battery with a small remaining charge will recharge faster, and with less stress, as compared to a fully drained one. This will cut charging time, and increase useful life as a whole. This will allow you enjoy your Rainbow Road ejuice for longer.

Quick Tip To Extend Vaping Battery Life #3: Unplug The Charger On Time

Repeatedly overcharging the battery is one sure way of increasing its rate of deterioration. As such, it’s recommended that you unplug it as soon as it’s fully charged. By leaving it connected to the charger after its full means that it continues to work without gaining any charge.

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Quick Tip To Extend Vaping Battery Life #4: Keep The Battery Clean

Something else you can do to significantly increase your vaping batteries useful life is to keep all contact points as clean as possible. The battery’s terminals as well as the charger’s threads should be cleaned before and after charging. The threads on the battery cartridge, and the battery terminals should also be cleaned every time they are assembled or disassembled.

Since rechargeable batteries designed for use in e-cigs and vape MODs tend to be costly, properly looking after them helps a lot. You can avoid having to frequently replace your vaping batteries every other time by following the tips listed above.

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