Top 5 Sports Innovations of 2020

The modern world is progressing into different technological advancements in various sectors, and the sports sector is also not left behind. The innovations have transformed the way sports operate, making them better every day.

Different technologies have reflected on how Artificial Intelligence is enhancing training and show how sensors and spatial data has impacted various sporting activities. If you want to learn more about sport innovations, you can order an essay help on this topic.

Here are the 5 top sports innovations of 2020

Basketball Multi-Faced Rim Shot Clock

This is an innovation for basketball that makes sure that there is no visual obstruction in case the players crowd on it. The shot clocks were formally fitted on the ground, and there was always visual obstruction once the players were crowded. There came a technology of the above rim shot clock. Although it overcame the obstruction disadvantage, it only focused on one direction leading to the innovation of a multi-face shot clock. The multi-faced shot version innovation came in that gave a three or four-sided shot that gave players and fans a comprehensive and complete view. With this innovation, it can provide a 360-degree view.

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Above the Net Camera

This is not a sophisticated innovation but the best game-changing innovation in hockey games. Having the camera placed above the net serves to shot and record the goals that passed the goal line, and if the goal beat the clock. The picture recorded evidence has changed the hockey game outcomes since there will be no arguments, but there is the use of the documented evidence. This innovation gives an indubitable solution, whether there was a goal or not.

Photo Finishes

This is innovation applies to animal racing. There has been a severe exposure to danger for someone to stand on the finish line so that to monitor which horse comes first on the finish line during a horse race. This innovation makes use of a camera that takes over 3000 shots per second, and this helps to decide which horse comes first even if they are a few seconds apart. This innovation is more accurate since, with 3000 shots per second, there is no way it can go wrong. This innovation can be applied to swimming and running too.

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Heart Monitors

Heart monitors are used for you as an individual for training and a lifesaver more so when you are an athlete. This innovation works best for you as an average jogger and for you if you are an elite. Without this innovation, you cannot be able to track the progress and sustainability of your exercise program. You can use the heart monitor change to monitor dehydration and malnutrition. The heart monitor is made simple and can be worn effortlessly as a wristwatch.

The Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS)

This is an innovation for formula one racing that recovers the kinetic energy that may be present in the waste heat that may be created by a car during braking. This innovation is widely used because it is friendly to the environment, and it allows you to accelerate and have a cheerful race finish.

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You are set to enjoy more in the sporting activity you love with different innovations in the sporting industry. Always search for current and latest changes to ensure comfortability and to make the game more engaging and enjoyable.


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