Common PC Problems Needing Computer Repairs in Melbourne

Tourists visit Melbourne for its historical buildings like the Federation Square, National Gallery, and the Parliament House.  Aside from admiring its cultural heritage, a trip to Melbourne will not be complete without riding the City Circle Tram’s free tours to the CBD.

Melbourne is Australia’s technology hub, where big tech companies like IBM, Microsoft, and Intel have their headquarters.  Moreover, the city produces more ICT graduates than in other Australian cities.

Residents of Melbourne are, moreover, avid users of social media.  Therefore, encountering technical difficulties with computers can be frustrating and stressful.

Fortunately, there are experts in computer repairs Melbourne.

What are the most common technical problems you can encounter in a computer?

Blue Screen of Death (BSoD)

The “blue screen of death” appears whenever Microsoft Windows encounters critical errors from which it cannot recover.  The root cause can either be the hardware driver’s software or even the hardware itself.

Windows will “crash” and the only way to continue working is by restarting the computer.  The worst thing that can happen is the loss of data since some software may not automatically save the changes done.

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The best way to address this is by looking for companies that handle computer repairs in Melbourne.  Aside from having the necessary tools for data recovery, they have the skills and experience to analyze the “minidump” file created by Windows.  The file contains all relevant information about the “crash.”

Slow-booting PC

Booting slows down when there are too many programs loading during the Windows startup.

Users can quickly fix the problem by identifying which software is automatically loading.  They can disable programs that are unnecessary or seldom used.

Open the Task Manager and click on the “Start-up” tab to see all programs that load whenever Windows starts up.  Right-click and disable those that don’t need to be pre-loaded with Windows.

Installation problems

When a user is unable to install a new application, the common reason is insufficient space in the hard drive.  The only solution is to delete files.

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Start by deleting the large files.  With the use of the “File Explorer,” the documents are sorted by size.  Users can choose to remove unnecessary large files.

Next step is to uninstall unfamiliar software.  From the Taskbar, a list of programs displays.  Users can click a button to uninstall.

If nothing works, a “disk clean-up” may be necessary.  If one is not comfortable doing this by himself, there are professional computer repairs in Melbourne.

Peripherals not working

The keyboard, mouse, or USB ports may be malfunctioning.  If one is trying to reach a deadline, the delay can be frustrating since these peripherals are supposed to work alongside the computer.

The solution can be as simple as recharging or installing new batteries.  However, if the software is the problem, it is necessary to call for computer repairs in Melbourne.

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The worst kind of problem is malware.  Hackers intentionally design the virus to damage the computer system.  Malware can also bypass security to get unauthorized access to confidential data.

Recently, the Australian Cyber Security (ACSC) released a level-3 alert to the public about the malicious software “Emotet” that has been infecting computers through phishing emails.

“Emotet” is a virus disguised as a normal, and even useful file attachment in an email sent from a trusted source like a friend or organization.  Opening the document will allow hackers to access confidential data like emails and personal credentials.

The virus further spreads by forwarding itself to the infected user’s emails contacts.


Although stressful, computer issues can be solved by users who have a basic understanding of computer settings.

For non-technical users, however, there is an abundance of technical support services that give a proper analysis of the problem and offer workable solutions.

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