10 Tips and Tricks to Master Your Smartwatch

Smartwatch is like a little version of your mobile phone. A smartwatch not only shows the time but also, allows you to stay connected constantly without using your smartphone. Technology brings everything to make you stay informed on your wrist.

From notification to a fitness guide, everything is now on your wrist. It became just a matter of touch on the screen or click the button of your smartwatch. Loads of depth are hidden behind its system. Every smartwatch contains different features. To get all the unique features, you can consider the gx-smartwatch for you.

Tips and Tricks to Master Your Smartwatch

For beginners, it may be a little tough to understand all these features. And if you can’t utilize these amazing features, there is no point to use a smartwatch. From this article, you can learn some tricks that can make you a master for your smartwatch.

Customize Watch Face

The most appealing part of a smartwatch is its watch face. You can set a watch face as per your own style. You can modify the watch faces by its design, text colors, fonts, widgets, and more. It has a different installed watch face, or you can install other third-party faces from the Google play store. You can easily change the faces simply. By swiping from the left or right to make a choice between all of them.

Take Screenshot

You can take screenshots from smartwatches. When any troubleshoot occurs, just take a screenshot and send an error message to the support team. You have to move the screenshots manually. It won’t transfer to your phone; it will store on the watch’s local storage. For transferring a screenshot to your mobile, you have to go to the watch’s gallery app. Then tap the screenshot and click on the three-dot menu. Now click on send to phone and then it will transfer to your phone.

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Customize the Home Button and Modify the Entire System

You can use the home button as a double-press shortcut also. You can assign any of the apps on the watch. If you feel bored with the existing background, you can change it too. You can set a different background from your app. Click on the display option, then background style, and choose what you like.

Rearranging Widgets, Quick Settings, and Apps

By reordering widgets, quick settings, and apps, you can speed up your interactions. Normally it can order the apps as per your most-used apps or it can alter the order manually. You can arrange those apps which you access most in a day. To edit the order go to the Apps and select menu, then click reorder. For personalizing the quick setting, just click advanced and then edit the quick setting. For rearranging widgets, you have to open the widget panel.

Configure SOS

All smartwatches have an SOS feature that can be a savior for you in case of emergencies. TO configure SOS, you should navigate the send SOS requests and enable the first option. After that, add those people who you want to contact. After completion of this process, tap the power button three times. Then, your added contact number will get an SMS from your watch.

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Enable Good Night, Theatre, and Watch the Only Mode

Getting alerts on your watch is a useful feature. But when it comes to sleeping time no one wanted to feel bothered. So, the best way of preventing these disturbances is by enabling good night mode. Swipe down the top of the screen, open the quick setting, and click on the good night mode icon to enable it. It will silence everything except alarm.

When you enable theater mode, it won’t light up your screen, ring, or vibrate for notifications. You can turn on the theatre mode option as like good night mode.

When your watch’s battery becomes critically low ten, the watch-only mode will help you. It will switch off all the sensors; it only displays the time. Tapping the battery icon in the quick setting, you can activate the watch only mode.

Download Songs and Installing Apps

One of the best things about a smartwatch is its local storage allows downloading songs. You can enjoy music every now and then.

If you want you can install different types of apps. By opening the wearable app go to the discover options and select featured apps. Then you can find all the interesting apps. After choosing the app, click the install button.

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Clear Junks

Junk files create a burden on your watch. It can block your memory if many applications are running behind. So, you have to clean them out by touching the storage ring or memory, then click on the clean now button.

Track Your Sleep

You can monitor your sleeping quality. Just wear the watch while sleeping, or keep it on your side or pillow. It will show you when you are asleep or awake by monitoring your movements.

Check and Control Battery Life

No one likes to charge their watch frequently. That is why you have to take some precautions so that your battery can last long. You can check the summary of your battery life. It will show you which app requires more battery. If you don’t need or use these apps, you can uninstall them. As a result, you can expand the watch’s battery life. Also, you can enable power-saving mode; it will help your battery to drain less.

There are some other things that you can do with your smartwatch. Such as- connect to the remote meter, block notifications, installing web browsers, fitness apps, use voice command, voice texting, etc.


Each smartwatch contains different types of features and countless little-known abilities. These features can make your life much easier. You have to research or experiment a little bit with it. I hope this article can help you with these tips and tricks. You can apply them and customize your smartwatch as you want.

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