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A crisis or pandemic can create revolutionary changes worldwide. In 2021, we are all adapting to the new normal – a digitalized era and a virtual lifestyle. Everything is functioning online, including schools, colleges, work, business, restaurants, shopping, and so on with the advancement of School software and mobile apps.

All our needs and requirements are delivered to our homes from groceries to education. In one way, it saves energy, the money we invest in travel to go to any organization and other places.

As everything works digitally, it is essential to maintain and enhance the standards. School students are finding it harder to adjust to the online schedule of classes and exams. A school provides a secure, friendly, learning atmosphere.

It is significant to reciprocate the same in the online forums not to lack interest or get lost in the track. Here, we are going to look at school software systems and their properties in detail.

Software and Mobile Applications:

Most Educational institutions are functioning with the help of mobile applications. Much new facilitating software has been launched serving the requirements of the school.

School software can manage the comprehensive functions of the school and provides its assistance. Each school can customize its software with the desired essentials and facilities.

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This software comes along with personal applications for effortless accessibility. This is a combination of technology, services, and security. This software can be used in all Operating Systems like Windows, Android, and Apple.

Operations and Facilities:

School Management Software associates to manage all departments in a school. It overall operates and controls the school digitally. This software works as a network interface or interconnected and enables different portals to assist in its attributes.

DATA – All the information regarding students, staff, administration, finance, fees, library, labs are all recorded and documented accordingly. All these can be accessed only by assigned officials. This system is encrypted and secured with SSL security.

Parent Controls

Along with the school, software arrives with a parent control mobile application. This app delivers information regarding the student to their parents.

In reality, communication between the institution and the parents is scarce. With this kind of software, the organization can reach parents and keep them engaged.

  • All school circulars or announcements on any news, forthcoming events, competitions, are posted here.
  • Shares information regarding homework, day order or time table, internal assessments scheduled daily. So that parents can easily follow up and help their children.
  • Student progress reports are updated timely for parents' notice. Remarks on the student, if the teacher also states any. Now parents can easily witness their child's progress without having to visit the school.
  • Daily attendance is reported to parents. It avoids students from skipping classes without their parents' knowledge. Leave applications can be sent in by parents.
  • Communication between teachers, other officials, and parents is made easier through chats and SMS.
  • Notifications about school fee payment reminders are sent. It avoids late payments and fine systems. Payments can also be transacted online.
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Teacher Controls

All faculties can access this faculty control mobile application which is in sync with the school management software. They can log in to the software and application with the same credentials.

  • Interactive sessions with students are monitored and recorded.
  • Communication between teachers – students, teachers – parents is made simpler with chat and SMS services.
  • Has clean records of the progress of all students.
  • Consumes time and energy efficiently.
  • Notifications on homework, assignments are sent to students and parents.

Principal App

This application has all data on administration, academics, students, staff, authorities. Along with that, it comes a wearable smartwatch, and it can be synced to the application.

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It helps take immediate decisions and update it from anywhere. It's like a whole institution on the wrist. The principal can monitor all online sessions, exams. Any form of feedback is welcomed and immediately acted on it for student comfort.

Advantages :

  • It provides 24/7 assistance and quickly resolves any errors.
  • Easily manageable, reliable, flexible, and straightforward.
  • Cost-efficient and high-end security assured.
  • It analyses and evolves all divisions of the organization.
  • Communication is made effortless.
  • Software and application are in perfect sync.
  • Homework and assignments are marked and recorded handily. Due or late submissions can be figured.


The school software is certified with the International Organization of Standardization (ISO) 27001 and 9001. ISO 27001, delivers complete protection for data and information with International Security Management Systems (ISMS).

This keeps all data intact and protects from any form of hacking or cybercrimes. ISO 9001, ensures Quality Management in any organization to meet customer satisfaction. The organization should follow the rules and regulations properly to strengthen its standards, bringing value-added customers.

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