6 Things a NetBase Social Media Audit Can Tell You

A social media audit is a collection of data you can use to assess your pages. This includes information about page views, likes, comments and other activity. It also might involve an analysis of your financial records including how much money you spend on ads.

The information you obtain performing an SM audit can reveal how well your pages are performing. It also can show areas of improvement. The six things it most can tell you the most include the following.

1. An SM audit determines alignment with objectives

Observing data from your social media pages can help you determine if the conversations on your page are consistent with your mission statement. If they are, then more of your fans will understand your page’s purpose. This will result in increased satisfaction for you because you will be able to spend your time pursuing the causes that most matter to you. It also improves your ability to help your customers when they are clear about who you are and what you do.

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2. It determines likelihood of leads and sales

The engagement between you and your followers can also help you measure the likeliness that the conversations on your page will turn into sales. For example, you might notice that customers are commenting on photos and quotes related to some of your main products or services. If so, it provides natural segues into talk about how you can best serve them. A social media audit will show you what topics are most interesting to your followers and how you can capitalize on them.

3. An audit demonstrates signs of brand retention.

This may present itself in a variety of ways. For instance, the number of times a product or company name is mentioned could indicate how well people recognize your brand. A share count of related videos, articles, infographics and more could also show you how well people remember you.

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4. It reveals your primary demographics.

One of the most valuable ways of using your social media pages is to find out who is your primary audience. This can help you tailor your marketing campaigns when setting up ads, creating blog posts and producing videos. Knowing who is interested in your products and services will help you better catch your target market’s attention.

5. The data provides insight on signup form responses.

Viewing how people have reacted to your landing pages and signup forms through your social media pages can provide you clues. It can tell you how to best convince people to register to your email lists, groups, blogs and more. Having this kind of information handy after gathering it from a social media audit could help you improve your signup form and email response rates.

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6. It can calculate possible exposure risks.

You may have heard that negative publicity is better than no publicity. However, no negative publicity is best. Performing a thorough evaluation about your presence on social media can reveal areas of your reputation that may require a bit of cleanup.

Could a NetBase Social Media Audit Help You?

If you have any question at all about your brand health, ad campaign performance or exposure risk; a social media audit may help. Contact NetBase for assistance if you think an extensive evaluation of your online pages would improve your profit margins and influence within your online territory.

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