PDFBear: Converting Your PDF to PNG Without Hassle

Have you been frustrated by the low image quality while building a website? You can grab better images from everywhere when you have a reliable PDF to PNG online converter. There are times when the photos or design you are looking for is found in a different source. Unfortunately, the source might even be a pdf file, which could not be made into a website banner, background, or header. There are far too many online pdf converters out there, all promising better results. Unfortunately, some areas fall short. It is where getting a reliable one, and having an excellent reputation can make a difference in your website graphics work. This power gives you more creativity and productivity.

PDFBear: PDF to PNG For Better Graphics Rendering

PNG is better than JPEG in a general sense, and that is why they are a preferred format in most images. They can render transparency better, so they are preferred in website graphics such as creating background, header, or banner image. Converting PDF to PNG online  is fun for these reasons:

You have many options – Sometimes, there are PDF image files that you can never find in any other image sources on the web. These could be patterns, color palettes, or any other stunning creations you might want to use for a web page or a presentation. Having the capacity to export the file into a PNG format gives you more power to manipulate the image.

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PDF retains the original richness of the source material – PDF files stay true to the actual quality of the image that has been exported. That is why converting the file to a PNG format makes sense. You get sharper, vivid, and more precise image quality.

Flexibility – You can switch back and forth in the conversion process, and there is no loss of quality. This capability gives you ease and flexibility in your tasks. So, when you have the conversion work in the future, getting a PDFBear tool can increase your productivity and skills.

PDFBear Pro: More Power and Ease

The free version of this tool has all the capabilities of a robust Pdf converter. If you are a power user, you need to switch to PDFBear pro. The reasons are worth your time and pocket.

Security – PDFBear pro gives you security. Your files are encrypted on the cloud. This method prevents corruption due to malware attacks and other forms of attack. Having cloud storage gives you a backup of your existing files. If something happens to your computer, then you still retain copies of your precious files. If your computer shuts down or all files get wiped out, then you can download an existing copy of your files to your computer.

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Customer Care – The pro version offers you customer assistance. It is crucial in situations where you need help with something easy. Having a real human being help you deal with your concerns can give you peace of mind.

Unlimited Tasks, Storage, and File Size – You can have unlimited upload and download. You can also do as many tasks as you want without restrictions. The pro version gives you the capacity to have as many files as you wish. This is important for those working with corporate projects where you work in batches.

Steps in Converting PDF to PNG

With PDFBear, you only need a working computer, an internet connection, and an excellent browser to go through with the process. PDFBear works on all platforms, whether you are using Mac, PC, or Linux.

  1. The first step or process in doing the conversion is to go to the official PDFBear website; if you don’t know where that is, you can use your search engine to look for PDFBear.
  2. The process will open up the website with all the tools already displayed. Look for converting PDF to PNG. This will open up the converter tool.
  3. You can drag or drop your PDF files into the converter tool. The tool scans your PDF files and then uploads them to the cloud for conversion to take place. This will only take a short while.
  4. Your newly converted PNG file can now be downloaded to your computer for use. You can choose to do more tasks or close your web browser. That’s how simple it is.
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The Power of Cloud Conversion

Since the conversion process happens in the cloud, your computer is free from the extra task. You don’t have to give away disk space or need more processing power. This advantage makes using the PDFBear tool fast. Having the capacity to speed up your tasks gives you more time to do other things. It also gives you the advantage of finishing your tasks ahead of time.

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