The Top Construction Bidding Software Choices for Your Projects

A good plan helps in a deeper understanding of the needs of a customer and regulates quality delivery. A good plan comprises of a bid or an estimate and nothing can fall in place until an accurate one is prepared. It is a huge responsibility to read the plan well and create a bid that pays off well in the long run.

But with time being a constraint in most of the construction projects, there are two big problems commonly found. The manual work is time-consuming and full of hassles. Furthermore, it is not a simple task for the companies to comprehend the kind of projects good enough for them to bid.  Often they end up bidding for something those under-prices their work. The bids are either incomplete or incorrect.

With technology making inroads into each and every aspect of the business world, how can bidding lag behind? Bidding can be done with some of the top construction bidding software. The different apps can help you achieve your goal. But how to ascertain which one is for your projects. The features include creating and presenting the bid and then monitoring it. It is important to pick the right bidding software to make the most out of its features.

Here is the top 10 construction bidding software:


It is rated high in the top 10 construction bidding software for no reason. The bid generated with Procore showcases attention to detail and professionalism. This helps a user gain an advantage on bid meant for competitive jobs. Procore has most of the features required to make estimating software the best. With the project level bidding tool, you can design bid packages for the projects and send invitations to the vendors. The email can have bid documents in a downloaded package or the vendors can log into Procore to see the bid information. Vendors can submit bids with cost code level breakouts, lump sum values or by quantity/unit level breakouts.

Procore helps in creating project bid packages including specifications, plans, PDFs and other important files. You can log into Procore, the top construction bidding software as a vendor to submit bids for the project. The bidding status of the vendors can be monitored and the bids can be compared alongside the cost code. The filtering and search features can be used to locate specific bids. With Procore, you can manage a bidding project for each bid with a bid package. All emails are recorded for future reference. The changes can be monitored with each bidding item and to know the changes made by any other user with the specific action taken. It is an easy tool. It is designed so to make the subcontractors respond faster. Reminder emails can be sent as well to the bidders who haven’t responded yet.

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ProContractor Estimating

ProContractor Estimating is considered as one of the top 10 construction bidding software in the market. It can be combined with other solutions available via Viewpoint to make a robust business tool just for the construction business. However, ProContractor integrates all kinds of bidding tools. Once the bid has been created, presented and accepted, it is vital to keep a track on the labor and the price all through the construction project. ProContractor Estimating aids in viewing the real cost of a particular item and then make a comparison with the estimate. You can accomplish two things. One, update the central price or second, design your own custom price book. The new data can be inserted into the scopes in order to maintain the correct cost for every vendor, subcontractor, and supplier. ‘Change order processing’ tool allows updating the current estimate with the fresh price so that the final bid shows the actual cost.

While creating an estimate, you are required to enter all the information. A step missed or inaccurate information can lead to losing the bid or losing money on the job. ProContractor Estimating, a top construction bidding software provides a complete solution to navigate and integrate all the tools needed to create the right bid.

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B2W Estimate

B2W Estimate is a top rated construction bidding software. It is mainly created for highway construction but can handle a majority of industrial and large civil projects in addition to smaller projects such as remodeling and new home construction. Its versatile nature places it among the top construction bidding software. It has all the job and cost monitoring tools required while reviewing the bidding software. The functions are essential once the bid has been accepted and the work takes off. The change order processing feature allows you to adjust the cost to a bid once the work starts so as to showcase actual cost from the subcontractors and the suppliers. These changes can be saved in the master cost list or used to design a custom price book that reveals the pricing list on the basis of the actual cost.

B2W allows creating databases and lists suppliers and vendors. The user can define the crews for equipment and labor. The scheduling tool can be used to figure out which part of the construction project should commence or end. This is used to track the employees and manage time. It includes all the best-known bidding tools such as digital takeoffs, custom modification of individual item prices, and super assemblies of each item price. The updates take place in real time.


Sage Estimating is placed high enough in the list of top ten construction bidding software. It can be bought as a single product and is a part of Sage’s business suite solutions. It can be integrated easily into the project management, document control and reporting, accounting, procurement, and payroll software while offering strong bidding and real-estate tools. The easy-to-use interface with cost tracking tools and quality estimating makes Sage top rated construction bidding software.

It removes any duplicate efforts. For instance, when you enter information to be used for buying orders, Sage secures it at a single place and populates it at each phase of the project automatically. This helps when you are required to track the real cost of the project and then make a comparison to the estimated bid. The estimation tools help in forming a strong database along with thousands of industry standard items. There is a takeoff digitizer and scope to see through the suppliers, vendors and subcontractors and the cost in a clean overview spreadsheet. When used to their optimum capacity, these tools can save time, remove common mistakes and create bids to earn profits. The construction designs can be imported into the program.

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WinEst is a bidding tool for small to medium-sized construction companies. It is a commercial construction estimating software that allows you to create and manage project estimates with efficiency. It incorporates third-party programs such as Primavera and Microsoft Project. The modern interface uses design which looks like Microsoft Excel. It is connected to RS Means database. This implies the user has updated pricing for materials and labor in the service arena. It has most of the tools that should be present in construction estimating software including super assemblies, digital takeoffs and the capability to modify the items needed to design a customized price book and the final proposals.

The top construction bidding software allows importing CAD design and connects for the estimating process. This makes it easy to use the software. It is mobile-based software. Changes can be addressed on the spot and sent back to the main office. The vital data can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet to monitor it later on. WinEst can create files that are compatible with almost all the program management applications available in the market. It works well in most of the departments.

Summing up

The five software of the top ten construction bidding software has all the features required to win the bid without bothering about insufficient time or incomplete information. Just take the one that suits your needs and get going.

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