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Every day, businesses and home users rely on computers in many ways. Even a tiny computer or laptop glitch can cause havoc in our lives and hinder our daily operations. This is when we'll need to consult a trained computer technician about this. So, here in this blog, we will share the 8 best Computer Repair Services in Bathinda.

With the ongoing advancement of new technology, various technical concerns arise, such as computer spyware attacks, virus infections, network problems, and other software and hardware failures. You'll need a quick and efficient computer specialist to address these problems.

It's really aggravating to have a problem that disrupts our entire operation, and we need our computer fixed right away. Because businesses or personal work want prompt and dependable computer repair services, it is beneficial for them to be aware of various computer services. This will assist you in selecting the best service for your unique need.

List of 8 Best Computer Repair Services in Bathinda

Ask It Support

Ask It Support, located in model phase 1, offers the best computer repair services in Bathinda. I had a personal experience with them. Their services are reasonable & Trustworthy. Their technicians assess the greatest potential techniques to supply you with difficulties based on your computer or laptop needs. Networking troubles, printer repair, software installation, power issues, AMC Services, data backup, hardware issues, and more are among the services they offer. Visit Us Here.

Why should you choose them for Computer Repair & Services?

  • 100% Customer Satisfaction
  • 30 days Warranty Service
  • Low-Cost Service
  • 100% Trustworthy Experienced Repairman
  • Provide a Particular Brand Service Technician
  • Quick Response & Free visit diagnosis
  • Round the Clock Support

Call Now At 7009190893

Softque Laptop Solutions

Softque Laptop Solutions, located in Mall Road, Bhatinda, is a major Laptop Dealers-Apple. CCTV Dealers, Laptop Repair & Services, Computer Dealers, Computer Repair & Services, CCTV Installation Services, Laptop Dealers, Laptop Dealers-Dell, Laptop Dealers-HP, and much more are also available. They offer a diverse range of products and services to meet their customers' diverse needs. This establishment's staff is polite and quick in offering assistance. The company has built a strong presence in the computer repairing field during the course of its existence. They hire people that are passionate about their jobs and put forth a lot of effort to fulfill the company's overall vision and objectives.

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Asia Electronics And Computer Repair Centre

Asia Electronics And Computer Repair Centre are determined to providing the finest possible answers to your repairing needs and concerns. It is one of the most well-known companies in the Computer Repair & Services industry. It also repairs computer printers, LED TV & much more. The company was established in the year 2000, and being in this industry for more than 10 years, they have well-experienced staff.

It is located at Main Ajit Road, Opp Street No 9, which makes it simple for first-time visitors to find. It has got 4.7-star ratings and good customer reviews. The staff at Asia Electronics is well-experienced and polite. Also, Check Here What’s The Best Place To Buy A Laptop Online?

I Fix That

I Fix that is located on Bathinda's popular 100-foot road. It is a one-stop shop for all your mending & repairing needs. They are great at delivering computer repair services in Bathinda. In addition, they offer repair services for all types of equipment. They are available at their shop as well as at your home. They also deal with both hardware and software difficulties, but hardware concerns are their specialty. Along with laptops & computers, they repair all types of smartphones.

Moreover, they are available with the most cutting-edge technologically advanced machinery, making them unique in providing the best repairing services. They have got 4.6 ratings, and as per the review by one user, their staff is very reliable and knowledgable. Prices are also very reasonable.

Silicon Computers

Silicon Computers has a long-standing reputation in Bathinda for its software services. It is a store that caters to software developers. They provide software and computer repair services & they are Bathinda's leading software service providers. Their store is on Bibi Wala Road.

They offer a solution to all of your laptop and computer software problems. You can also get in touch with them if you need a PC built to your specifications. Silicon Computer creates PCs to match your specific needs. They also offer door-to-door service. Payments can be made both online and in person. They have got a decent rating of 4 stars.

Laptop Care Point

If you need your Macbook repaired, don't hesitate to visit this shop. They specialize in Apple products and offer specialized services. Their technician is an expert in chip-level repair and offers Bathinda's top computer repair services. They mostly specialize in laptop repair and sell laptop accessories. Bathinda's Laptop Care Point is located near Goll Diggi market on Mall Road.

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They offer you a quick response and a wide selection of services. Their services cover everything from microchips to significant hardware problems. Laptop Care Point also sells used laptops at a reasonable price. Their staff is responsible and politely listens to all the issues before providing the services.

Shivam Computers

Shivam Computers is another best provider of computer repair services in Bathinda. It's close to the railway station, fish market, Bathinda. People from the surrounding areas can easily visit it because of its location. They repair computers and laptops for a very low price. They're particularly well-known for fixing motherboard defaults.

Shivam Computers also offers wholesale laptop and computer accessories. There are additional software features such as data recovery and backup. There are also CCTV and mobile-related accessories available. They specialize in the installation of new CCTV systems. They sell and provide exceptional services, as stated in their tagline.

NK. Computer Accessories

NK is a retailer of all computer and laptop peripherals and accessories. They offer laptop and computer repair services at best & reasonable price. They sell both new and used laptop computers. Used laptops in decent condition can be found here for a very low price. They fix computers, laptops, displays, typewriters, and other electronic devices.

They are an authorized dealer for ASUS laptop computers. There are a variety of keyboards, mice, batteries, hinges, and other attachments available. From microdevices to hardware, they have a vast choice of accessories. Their shop is on Birla Mill Road, Backside Bahia Fort, Bathinda.

Types of Services Based On Which We Compiled The List

Hardware Repairs

This refers to any physical damage to the computer or its accessories. This includes things like installing new hardware, repairing or updating existing hardware, and so forth.

Virus Removal

In this service, computer specialists ensure that the virus is eradicated without removing the vital data or information from your laptop or computer. And they will make sure that your computer is up and running problem-free.

Accessories Repair

Many computer devices, such as scanners and printers, may require repair due to damage. Such problems can be resolved by a skilled computer technician who specializes in computer hardware.

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Support for troubleshooting and networking

These are the two most prevalent forms of business computer repair services. These include network configuration, training, network fixes, and other issues.

Data Backup & Recovery

Your vital data may be lost as a result of difficulties such as hardware malfunctions or a virus. Although you may not be able to recover the data, experienced computer specialists can do so by tracking information. Because this is such a delicate matter, you should hire a highly qualified firm. If you engage a company solely based on their inexpensive rate, you risk permanently losing crucial data and making it impossible for a professional specialist to recover it.


Suppose you know precisely what you need but can't find it in a stock computer. In that case, you can have a professional computer that will construct a customized computer for you with unique features tailored to your or your company's requirements.

Maintenance Services

Your personal and corporate computers need to be updated and tuned up regularly. This frequent maintenance will not only improve the speed of your computer's operation, but it will also extend its life. File cleanup, upgrading and installing new windows or programs, and routine checks are all part of the maintenance service.


You can hire a computer company to teach your workers if you have installed the software successfully, but your business team is unfamiliar with it. These instructors have a thorough understanding of the programs and will save time by skipping the learning curve.

Final Thoughts

Conclusively, I hope this post will be beneficial if you need your PC or laptop fixed. Ask IT Support, in my opinion, gives the greatest services. They offer a wide range of services and facilities right on your doorstep. As a result, you don't need to leave the house during these pandemic times. Some are better at providing software services, while others excel at providing hardware services. If you also know any service center that provides exceptional services, please let us know in the comments section, and we would love to add that here. At last, stay safe and keep working on your computers!

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