4 Good Reasons to Choose an International School

Moving your life and family to a new nation is an exhilarating yet nerve-wracking experience that comes with a slew of concerns and conundrums, ranging from how to make the big move, to which neighborhood to settle in, to “how many of these cuddly toys do we really need to bring with us?! One of the most essential decisions a family must make is which school to send their child to, and within that decision lies the crucial distinction between national and foreign schools.

International schools are schools that serve an international community with an education based on an international curriculum. They are frequently found in capitals and other important cities. In your hunt for the ideal school, it's important to look at local international schools like Singapore international school in Hong Kong and consider the benefits and drawbacks of international schools vs national schools in your new city. To that purpose, here are four compelling reasons why sending your child to an international school might be the best move you make this year.

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1. International Schools Promote a Global Outlook

Our children's understanding of the larger world and development of a global mentality is more vital than ever in our increasingly globalized environment. International schools like Singapore international school in Hong Kong are focused on the global world and give pupils the skills and information they need to be engaged citizens.

2. A Global Education Can Help You Break down Language Barriers

Because English is the primary language at most international schools, your kid will be able to fit in straight away if you come from an English-speaking country. Moving nations and schools is difficult enough, so reducing the language barrier will make the adjustment much easier for them and relieve some of the stress from your shoulders.

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3. International Curricula Are Practiced Throughout the World

This is an important feature to consider while selecting a school. Not only would an international curriculum provide them with globally recognized education and certificates, but it will also allow them to effortlessly transition from one school to another if you change cities (or countries) again. The Foreign Baccalaureate* (IB) courses, for example, are taught at international schools in around 150 countries. This may be preferable than, say, an American school that teaches the American curriculum or a British school that teaches the GCSE and A-Level test syllabi.

The IB curriculum is also recognized for being difficult, with a focus on critical and independent thinking, which results in talented, globally-minded pupils.

4. Vibrant Student Communities are supported by International Schools

When you join an international school community, you are suddenly surrounded by individuals who have encountered similar problems, shared comparable experiences, and understand you and your way of life. You and your children will have the opportunity to meet and spend time with other expat families, as well as school personnel who understand your child's position and are skilled at assisting new kids to settle in.

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So there you have it: four compelling reasons to choose overseas schools. If you're contemplating your options and still feel a bit hesitant, please contact us to speak with one of our educational specialists. Why not speak with other expats to learn about their decision-making process and how it worked out for them?

Then contact the foreign schools in your new city and schedule some trips to see for yourself. Also, don't forget to bring the kids!

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