Betting in India

Betting is popular all over the world, also in India. People mainly bet on different sports, but bets can be placed also on other events and contests. The reason why people like to bet varies, some do it to support their team while others do it to add interest to the game. No matter what you choose to gamble on you need to know a few things.


Odds are a mathematical way to show how much you will win back if your bet makes it. There are companies that gather facts about the game or race that is about to take place and will give the different results different odds. The closer to the game the more facts and information comes into account and the odds will change accordingly. If you want to learn more, you can read more about online betting on Gamblingtimes.

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This traditional full body team game is big in the betting industry in Asia, but outside of the continent not many have even heard of it. This means that not many of the gambling sites outside of Asia will offer betting on games, so you need to find a casino wit a sportsbook that is aiming at the local market.


Cricket is more spread than for example Kabaddi that you almost only find in India. That means that there are more betting sites that offer betting at cricket, not just those that are specialized in the Indian market. So here it is sometimes a good idea to look at a broader range of sites to find the best odds. Just make sure that they accept bets from India before placing them.


If sport is not the thing for you maybe cards and poker is the way that you can get some thrill into your life. This classic Indian game of luck is really an old Indian tradition but that do not stop Andar Bahar card game played online from being a really a good way of taking this game in to this century.

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This is a 50/50 chance game where you place your bet on in what pile the first card matching the houses card will turn up.

Calling this a version of poker might not be fair to poker as this is a quite easy game of luck. It is believed to be originated in Bengaluru, down in the south of India. It is played with one deck of cards, a starting card and then the deck is flipped card by card in to two piles, Andar meaning inside and Bahar meaning outside. The dealer turns up one card and the players then bet on in which of the two piles the first matching card will show. The dealer then flips the cards one by one, alternatively in the two piles until a match with the “house card” is made.

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This 50/50 game of luck is really a fast and fun game with a high entertainment level.

Teen Patti

As a version of poker Teen Patti is played with three cards instead of the traditional five that you have in for example Texas Hold ´em.

The players first get their three cards and place their bets, after that the dealer reveals the hand of the house. The best hand wins, and the value of the hand is similar to the one in five card poker.

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