Can You Improve Employee Engagement With Text Messaging?

When you look closely at how your company operates, communication is one of the most significant factors you’ll find at the core. Though communication between supervisors and HR managers can be decent, information exchange between your company and the employees can get compromised.

Sometimes, it is challenging to keep so many people engaged. Here, texting for employee engagement can make a difference for overall working in your company. It is the responsibility of your HR department to impart crucial information to your employees. Getting such information to influence unengaged employees is a challenging task.

Once you use texting for your employees, you will witness a notable difference. The following are some points that show how effective texting can improve employee engagement in your company.

Text Messages Catch the interest of Your Employees

When you use messages and keep them short, your employees will take an interest. Moreover, clear and direct communication will help your employees pay attention and remember the main points.

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However, your employees should never feel as if their time is getting wasted with excess paperwork, information, pointless meetings, or long training sessions. Hence, you should improve the communications of your employees efficiently with SMS texting. These text messages are a great way to send short but influential messages because you need to trim every message to 160 characters.

Scheduling Employee Meetings Gets Easy with Texting

When you gather employees for a meeting, no matter if it is an open-enrollment meeting for perks or an engagement meeting for possible mentoring candidates, it can be an immensely trying feat for you.

Of course, proper scheduling is hard because you need employee input to know when most of them will be available. Here, texting enables you to get feedback related to scheduled meetings and deliver timely messages about meeting locations. Texting for employee engagement makes it easy for you to schedule employees' meetings and supervise them.

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Texting Keeps Your Employees Informed About Perks

Perks are a crucial part of keeping your employees engaged and happy. However, most of the time, communicating critical changes, announcements, and programs may turn out to be a pain point for over-stressed and occupied department heads.

According to a study, nearly 40% of employees do not generally know much about the benefits that their employer offers. Hence, if you use texting for your employees, they can easily get to know about the perks and stay engaged.

Once you use texting software or programs, you can easily mass text your employees instantly about information related to perks. As a result, once your employees know about their perks that your company has on offer, they stay motivated in their tasks.

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Give Voice to Your Employees

You can use texting surveys to gather valuable feedback from your employees. And employees who help build your company will be better engaged and feel personal responsibility as a result.

Hence, you should give your employees a voice by texting them surveys and polls about your practices, policies, and events. This engagement will have a good impact on the growth of your company. After all, the more your employees feel plugged into the process, the more loyal they will be.

Hopefully, by now, you can see there are many benefits of using texting for employee engagement in your company. Hence, go ahead and use a texting software that helps you implement texting in your company with ease.

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