Where Will You Find the Best Software Developers?

When you want to hire a software developer, you will have many options available in the market. But, choosing the right one from the blot is quite a challenge. As your project’s success will highly depend on the skills of the software developer, it is best to find one who can fulfill your needs adequately carefully.

Different developers have different skill sets and comfort zones, and if you can find the right match for your company, it is a great deal. In this article, we are going to guide you through the process of finding the right software developer for your company.

What Kind of Developer Do You Want?

If you aren’t technology savvy, you will need to do a lot of research to understand the kind of developer you will need for your firm. The profession of a software developer is vast and covers many people who have a range of expertise and skills. They can be broadly classified by:

  • The kind of software platform they create (Desktop/Mobile/Web)
  • The type of programming language they specialize in (.Net, Swift, Java, etc.)
  • The part of the software application they build (Database, Business Logic, Architecture, User Interface)

Intetics is one of the firms that cater to a wide range of requirements on the part of the customer. If you want somebody who can do everything, it means that you require a full-stack developer. This person will be designing and creating an application as per your needs.

You will still have to be aware of the software platforms and programming languages the developer knows best. If you do not have a technology preference, you can stick to the primary platform.

Where Will You Find Developers?

There are many ways you can locate developers in the market. But, we are going to mention the four distinct ways people get in touch with the database.

  • By getting the reference from somebody they already know.
  • By getting details from a code university or school.
  • By searching on online service portals (Freelance/job board sites)
  • By contacting a professional agency

We are going to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of these four categories.

Reference from a Friend

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Software development is a booming occupation. Therefore, you are quite likely to know somebody who will see a software developer. Therefore, many people start with their network. Some developers work on projects during the weekends or nights for additional income. Therefore, you will find several options through your contacts that will be cheaper than the ones in the market. The only thing is that it might take longer to get the job done. There is also a chance of having limited responsiveness from the software developer during their day job timings.

One more benefit of contacting a custom software development company through your friend would be that you will get better feedback from their work. The professional boundaries will be a little flexible. Therefore, you can get free advice whenever necessary.

Code University or School

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Computer science departments from universities and code schools are another great way you can find developers. These developers do not have much experience, but the lack of experience is often made by enthusiasm.

But before you make a pick, you will have to see that the technologies the students specialize in are a good fit into your business. Because they haven’t seen the industry up close, they won’t be able to advise you with your long-term business requirements. If you want to hire a student, you can get a trusted friend or a technology advisor to help find the right technology stack that your project will need.

If you want to meet potential students, you can visit career days where you can have face to face interactions with students and collect their resumes. Get in touch with the local university career center near you to find more information.

Job Sites

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You will find several different online sites that advertise software developers of all kind. You can visit the popular websites and select some of the sticking profiles out of the lot. You will find several profiles on these websites. You will have to hunt properly to find the best. You can also post an ad and allow software developers to submit their resumes online.

The most common websites for hunting jobs include:

  • Craigslist.com
  • Indeed.com
  • LinkedIn.com

Staffing Firm

If you want to work with someone who will help in finding you the right match as per your requirements, you have staffing firms available. They will screen the candidates and interview them, and hire them if they are shortlisted.

A staffing firm will provide you with a range of resources:

  • Full-time employees
  • Short-term contracts
  • Contract-to-Perm

Make sure that you go through all the different options and then choose one or more options that suit the best for your firm. It is crucial for you to have the right kind of software developers working on your project. After all, the success will highly depend on their performance.

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