Is Digital Marketing worth learning?

Can you recall the last time you sat in front of a television to watch a movie on the local network? Most of you may not be able to remember it. The primary reason behind it is that the internet has established a completely reformed, newer world.

With TV shows, chatting, video calls, movies, and marketing reaching the internet, there seems to be an astounding increase in digital media usage. Today, digital media is available anywhere to anyone with an internet connection and smartphones.

Right from audio, video, photo, e-books, blogs, articles and much more, there are plenty of forms of this digital media. Hence it has become vital to understand the dynamics of the market. Digital marketing is increasingly becoming one of the prominent subjects in this era of fast-paced information where goods and services are leveraged through digital platforms, the internet, and digital devices to promote them.

In this era of information technology, digital marketing is opening new avenues that were in the past impossible to venture, like real-time information on consumer preferences. Technology has only made digital marketing transcend the borders of the world, making the global market a fair level-playing field.

Now the question arises, is it worth going through the process of digital marketing learning in the present situation. Let’s find out in this post.

Digital Marketing: A Worthy Career Discipline?

Digital marketing is dynamic and adapts to market scenarios. It can be classified into offline marketing and online marketing. With the declining trend of offline marketing options, like billboard, print media etc.There is a need to upscale online marketing  skills.Having said that, the future is about the adaptation of two. The colliding factors of both are going to be the face of future marketing. It is ever-changing and adaptive to varying consumer preferences.

A digital marketing consultant’s work is majorly practical and will always have a job market as the economy runs on it indirectly. The diverse skillset and exposure to different aspects of organizational skills, like copywriting, creative advertising, marketing, outreach, make digital marketing a worthy career discipline if the person is invested in it.

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Types of Opportunities Available in Digital Marketing

When ready to take up digital marketing learning challenges, there are different job roles that one can explore through the subject of digital marketing.

To list a few job roles:

  • Social media manager
  • Data Analyst
  • Content strategist
  • SEO Specialist
  • Content writer
  • Copywriters
  • Promotion personnel
  • Market Analyst

Roles to Be Taken in Digital Marketing

The skills that you hone through digital marketing are like a foundation to the progress in your career. Once you are well aware of the market strategy, digital media, promotion, competition, and more, it gives you enough information and confidence to pursue the role of your interest.

  • Social media platforms like Google and Facebook are now playing a competitive role in the field of digital marketing with a huge base of users. If taken into account, the discounts are given by the known store or sales happening at online stores; such user-specific data is streamlined and personalized to the consumers nowadays.
  • Search engine optimization specialists work on keywords and topics that are most searched in different search engines, primarily Google. Currently, SEO is majorly being used in blogging and content writing to optimize the online content of organizations and improve its visibility..
  • Market analyst calculates and analyses the market determinants and other factors affecting the market, like consumer preferences, income, population size, area etc. This analysis is, therefore, interpreted to finalize the market strategy. The market strategist will thereby use this analysis to put together content that needs to be promoted with respect to the product or service.
  • The role of a copywriter with creative skills can be worked on to bring new ideas to showcase the characteristics of a product or service. For instance, web series on OTT platforms have encouraged the creative aspects and given the liberty to the team to make original content, which is a visual treat to the users. OTT platforms like Amazon Prime have now started casting advertisements of their self-produced content in between the movie or web series. OTT platforms have spread out to each and every household in lieu of the present pandemic situation.
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Having a thorough knowledge of digital marketing helps in predicting the future to an extent. Take, for instance, mobile banking applications like G-pay, Paytm, PhonePe. A few years back, these concepts seemed like a hoax. However, today, they are the most used medium of payment and receipts.

These mobile banking applications have reduced the time taken to complete a transaction. Also, the hindrance of transferring money through a bank or by hand, which were the only choices present, have been surpassed by instant payment through mobile banking applications.

Key Considerations for Online Certification Course in Digital Marketing

Due to the diverse arena of digital marketing, it is extremely easy to fall prey to false certification courses. There are many digital marketing consultants out there showcasing their skills. But are they genuine?

It is critical to identify genuine connections and networks. First of all, you need to take time and follow a few digital marketing influencers or consultants to understand them better. In this virtual world, there is no dearth of data; the issue is accuracy and reliability.

Start following what a digital marketing consultant or influencer does.

  • How do they use their social media platforms?
  • How did they identify their skill?
  • How do they showcase their skills?
  • What is their work experience?
  • Over a period of time, how has their career map been?
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Identifying your phase in the journey plays a key role in your growth. When you understand your level of experience and awareness, you can weigh down the available options and narrow down on the roles you are interested in.

Later, zero upon the skill sets required. If you have got enough experience and just need to work on theory for certification, you can apply for online courses.

Identifying the Best Digital Marketing Course

  • Most often, the best online digital marketing courses offered by credible sources always speak elaborately about the course details, including topics to be covered, assignments, case studies, etc. A genuine course will speak in detail about their schedule and other essential details.
  • Do check the accreditations given to the course. Once you filter the choices, sieve through the courses available by eliminating the courses not recognized or accredited.
  • Research on the faculty of the course. Check their credentials mentioned along with basic biodata and verify if they are actually correct or not. If the data mentioned tallies, that's a good indicator of credibility.

That being said, the digital marketing subject keeps evolving. One cannot just apply for a certification course, learn digital marketing and get a job immediately. It is always better to have practical experience working under digital media marketing in order to understand your own capabilities, skills, and lacunas.

The skills gained from this career discipline is wider, as discussed in the article. It gives you several opportunities in a larger global market. If one is cautious and avid-learner, digital marketing is like an ocean of possibilities awaiting to be explored. This learning can further be amplified with an mba in digital marketing if pursued from a reputed institute. It’s time to start upskilling yourself.

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