YouTube Vanced APK Download for Android

There is always something in every app which doesn’t satisfy us or where we all face some problems. And the same issue we all are facing with the official version of YouTube. Advertisements between the videos, not able to play background music are some of the problems which all the YouTube users face. But some experts have tried to overcome such problems and have developed the modified version of YouTube. Yes, YouTube Vanced APK is the solution to all the problems which people are facing on official YouTube.

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So guys, in this article, I am here to guide you how you can download YouTube Vanced APK for Android. Well, of course, before you download anything on your phone, you would want to know about it completely. So, before I start my guide on YouTube Vanced APK Download for Android, I would first apprise you guys about its amazing features.

Well, nowadays, watching videos is the favorite time pass for everyone. People are either engaged in their schedule or in watching different types of videos. Well, some people prefer to watch funny videos, some are interested in watching emotional videos, which some people prefer some other types of videos like music, movies, and many more. And people get all their favorite stuff best on YouTube. It is one of the most widely used apps for streaming videos. Here we all get the best quality stuff which we all expects and demands to see. But advertisements between the videos contributes to lacking our interest. So, as I have said above, it would be better for everyone to download YouTube Vanced APK for Android.

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  • This modified version will not show any advertisement between the videos, which will waste your time or lack your interest in watching videos.
  • Another major problem which people are facing with the official YouTube version, they cannot switch to some other app while using it. One needs to get stick while using it. But with this modified version, you can do different work simultaneously. You are allowed to watch the videos even if you are using any other applications. This Picture in Picture mode (PIP) makes the app more interesting for the users.
  • If you want to view the same video again and again, you can select the Repeat in Repeat mode which will automatically play the same video again.
  • You don’t need to stick to the application while you are playing a video. It means, you can minimize the app, but music will not stop and it will remain play like it is being played on a music player. Well, this feature is quite exciting.
  • Set the default playing video and don’t need to tap again and again on the same video for playing it. This feature will allow the video to play automatically.

So, guys, these are some of the features which make this app interesting for the video lovers. Well, you all must download it and enjoy its benefits. So, let’s move forward and have a look on YouTube Vanced APK Download for Android.

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YouTube Vanced APK Download for Android

You don’t require to root your device for downloading and installing this application. You only need to follow some steps which I am going to share with you guys, and then you will be able to use it.

  • If you have updated the official YouTube version, uninstall it and also disable the auto-update in Play Store.
  • Now, download this modified version from the shared link.
  • Once you complete the downloading process, go to the Android settings, and enable Unknown Sources. It will let you install the app without any complications.
  • Now, download MicroG APK app to log in your account on YouTube Vanced APK.
  • Now, install it as usual.
  • You can now log in your account and use the app.

Final Verdicts

Well, if you want, you can set any theme color according to your choice, and can also change the background and download settings. So, guys, now you are free to listen to the music of your choice or watch any video without worrying about the advertisements or any other disadvantage. Thank You.

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