Challenges of Wireless Security Systems that You Should Know

Knowing that your family, properties and home are safe and protected is one of the indispensable things. For this reason, you need to consult various home security companies to know the best security system for your home is. You can choose a wireless or wired system, depending on your preferences.

When security cameras were being introduced to the market, they had to be linked to a power source for them to work. Many cameras still function this way. The wired camera use video cables to transfer video feeds to a viewing gadget such as a computer or TV.

On the other hand, the wireless security camera transfers both video and audio signals via the internet to the receiver that links to the viewing and recording gadget. Most homeowners use computers and cloud storage platforms to save the footage such that they can view later.

As points out, wireless security systems offer numerous advantages. For instance, they are easy to set up than wired ones. Wired systems must be connected to the electrical system for them to work and for this reason, you need to get an expert to do the installation. The wireless system uses a wireless network such as WIFI. All you need to do is follow the instructions to set up and connect your security system.

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Additionally, the systems are ideal for people installing the systems for the first time or those who don’t want to spend a lot. The wireless system tends to be more reliable than wired systems, and they are easy to move and transport.

Despite all the good things about the wireless security systems, there are still some challenges you need to know. For instance, the systems have a high price tag compared to the wired options. This means that the system comes with some challenges that can leave you frustrated and vulnerable.

The Initial Cost of Installation is High

Typically, wireless security systems offer all the features available in a standard wired security system. Additionally, the system comes with similar components as a comparable wired system like control panels, detectors, sirens, and remote key panels. Every part must have a radio transmitter to expedite the wireless nature of the system. The extra device in every security gadget has a price, and the combined cost of the whole system can surpass that of a wired system.

Installation cost of Wireless Security System

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In a wireless security system, the sensors and other components use radio waves to communicate with the control panel. Since the whole system depends on radio frequencies, other gadgets using the same frequencies might interrupt communication between the components. This will make the system to stop operating because of the frequency interference. In most cases, the interference might trigger a false alarm. Additionally, most home security companies will advise you not to place metal objects close to detectors or control panels as this will cause interference.

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Even though the control panel in a wireless security system plugs into the electrical outlet, other components like movement sensors run on battery power. As the systems wear out, batteries become weak or die, and this will render the parts unusable. Even though the control panel checks in with each component and notifies when one is not working, a failed detector will render your home unprotected until you change the batteries. Some wireless systems might start to display fitful habits as the batteries reach the level of enervation. For this reason, the systems might provide false alarms or stop answering to commands given.


Since wireless system incorporates radio signals into their operation, they are prone to hacking and other malicious invaders. Additionally, the majority of the cheap and poor-quality system operates with a narrow band of security passcodes, so other homeowners with the same model might disarm your system with just a remote control. As Safehome points out, there are numerous types of high-quality wireless systems available in the market.

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The majority of homeowners buy wireless security systems from home security companies due to their ease of installation. Nevertheless, the non-skilled installation might leave your security system prone to unintentional damage and tampering. For instance, those homeowners who put the control panel near a window or door might not know that accomplished robbers can disable the system once they get into the house. 


Even though wireless security systems do have some challenges, improvement in technology strives to offset most of these problems. For instance, many home security companies have started to stock high-quality wireless systems that can last for many years on their original batteries. Additionally, professional installation will assist prevent radio interference and even lessen the possibility that an intruder will access and interfere with the control panel.


While these challenges are there, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t install a wireless security system in your home. You can rely on improvement in technology and professional installation from reliable home security companies to counterpoise the challenges. When purchasing a wireless system, choose the one that is built with your special prerequisites in mind and can last for many years.

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