How Has Technology Changed Our World for the Better?

Back in 1995, everything changed for the world in a phenomenal way. The arrival of consumer internet to the masses changed life for all of us. Never before, and never again, would such a drastic change occur. Or will it? Given the latest in space exploration, who knows, but one thing remains, 1995 launched it all. Let's take a look at five ways technology changed our world for the better.

Investments and the Internet

We'll begin here because the investment world is literally what allowed technology to exist. Without investors, none of the giants that exist in our world today would have gotten out of a garage. Take a good look at the NASDAQ:PTXP to see how many technology giants alter the investment world through things like developing midstream energy infrastructure assets, and so many other industries. It is the way in which everything exists for the propagation of technology. It will no doubt continue this. The creation of the public, generalized access to the internet allowed everyone to invest and make their fortunes. That was the beginning.

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Personal Computers

Before the nineties, the only people that had a personal computer were the elite. It began the slew of technology that we now use in our daily lives. It's grown so much, in fact, that Steve Job's original goal of putting a computer on every student's desk has become a real reality. Not only that, but it sized down a bit. They use tablets. Still, it's a part of our daily lives, so much that many people never leave home unless they want to do so. Instead, they work from home, have their groceries delivered to their home, and could actually exist remotely forever. That's how much the inclusion of the personal computer has changed our lives for the better. We have laptops for convenience, so we can have our personal computers with us anywhere. Even with the release of tablets and cell phone internet, we still need that full computer to run our programs to make our lives better.


Bluetooth takes connectivity a step further. Through this technology, which would be impossible without the creation of the internet, a new level of connectivity happened. Computers have a lot of connectivity, but the creation of Bluetooth allowed us to take our connectivity with us to things like cars, and today, Alexa. Now we are able to go hands-free for greater connectivity than before. Even the cell phone, without Bluetooth, had limitations. You can project what's on your phone to your television through Bluetooth technology. It's amazing, and we can't live without it anymore. There was still one more thing that pulled us tighter into connectivity to come.

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This allows law enforcement to locate, track and provide the highest level of connectivity than ever before. Today, if you head out camping and you disappear, law enforcement can find you. This was impossible before GPS. Now triangulation techniques allow even better access to the connectivity we enjoy today. Get lost in the mall? Hit a button and GPS sends your location to your friend. They can find you. Can you even imagine using your phone without GPS? How would you locate the latest gas prices to save you money without it? Sure, you can put the information in and look it up on the internet. Why would you do that now, though? You can speak into your phone, another mentionable technology that we can't live without, to get exact directions to the station.

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Facial Recognition

Finally, we have a way to identify people the way we've always wanted. For those of you that are old enough to remember watching the “Jetsons” on television after school, you know how much we've all wanted the technology that the cartoon showed for the future. We've all sat here like where is all this technology? Now we have facial recognition. Now, if we could just get the Star Trek teleport ability. That's connectivity!

Historically, this whole journey has been a real trip. It's fun and exciting to imagine what the future might hold for the world of technology and connectivity. Will we be able to actually teleport? The pioneers of 1995 must be proud today. It's just the beginning. Facebook's new technology is coming in now. The results remain, but it's an incredible journey that we all look forward to using to enhance our daily lives.

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