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In this era of the internet, new and new opportunities are rising. People are shifting from offline business to online business these days, as the internet is providing various options for earning and new platforms to set up a new business. The major role is played by the website of the business, whether you are creator on social media or a blogger on the internet, it is important for you that to keep a proper check on your activities so that you might take effective steps according to that.

It is also important to check on the activities and progress of rival sites and channels which would help you to take effective measures over it. Here the help is taken from SEO tools.

So what are basically SEO tools?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, these tools monitor and help to increase the quality and quantity of traffic over any website by increasing the visibility of the site to various search engines.

These tools help to develop various marketing strategies over the internet and also helps to reduce barriers that occur during indexing activities of the search engine. Those keywords are suggested which are necessary for your website according to its use so that website optimization is done in terms of editing, modifying and coding.

There are various types of SEO tools which are available over the internet nowadays but today in this article I am going to provide you information about one of the best SEO tool which is “rank2traffic.com”

So what is “rank2traffic.com”

It is a very helpful tool to make strategies and counter-strategies for your competitors when you know about the traffic over their sites.

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This is what rank2traffic does, it helps you to get information about the various aspects of the competitor’s website. However, all of the features of this tool are not free and some of them are paid which are reasonable.

You can get information about millions of websites about their traffic.

They use the Alexa ranking system and provide a traffic history of past years of the website. So that you can find various patterns in the traffic rates.

With the help of this, you can spy over the competitors by checking the rise and decline in the visitor rate of the sites.

It would be easy to understand if we take an example and in this case, I would be taking example of Google.com

On the top of the page, we would find out various stats about the website like

Traffic sessions per month in this case which was 74.5 billion

How old the site is?, IP address of the site and Alexa rank of the website(in this case which is  Rank 1)

It also tells the bounce rate, page views per session and duration of session.

Moreover, it also tells you about the countries from which most of the traffic comes from and below that it also provides information about the worth and revenue of the website.

Traffic history of past 10 years

Traffic history tab provides you access to the history of traffic from the past 10 years in which the last two years are free to access and years before them is paid access only. You can view this information in both the chart view and tabular form.

It is very useful when you have to see the trends in traffic history which would help to predict the future trends in the traffic history and based on that you can make various strategies which would help you to grab various opportunities which might occur in the future.

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Below this tab there is a tab of traffic history which provides you information about detail traffic history about the past 6 months and also tells you about Alexa ranking of the site, sessions per month, session duration, page views per session, and bounce rate.

Traffic source for the site

These tabs provide you information about the popularity among the visitors from different countries, the countries from which most of the traffic comes from.

In this case, most of the visitors of google.com are from the USA, Brazil, India, UK, and France.

Along with that, the other tab tells the sources of the domain. Whether it is from search, referrals, or direct traffic sources. This would help to find out that what is the main source of traffic coming from so that you can also target those sources.

As shown in the image most of the traffic on google domain comes from the direct visits to the site.

Alexa rank history

The next tab provides you information about Alexa ranking history of the past 10 years in which the past 2 years are free to access but the rest of the 8 years is paid information only.

Below that there are three tabs that tell the history of page views, session duration, bounce rate history.

These tabs give very important information as the history of page views could provide patterns about the competitors when there were low page views and at that time what strategies were taken to increase the page views content, same goes with the session duration and bounce rate of the domain.

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Provides Website information

The next tab provides you the information about various aspects of the domain.

It provides various stats by the Alexa website like the rank of the site among various other similar websites, percentage of visits to the website from a search engine.

Along with that, it provides information regarding the name of the site and its description, the history and IP address of the website, registration date of the domain.

It provides you the Estimated valuation of advertising revenue per day, per month, per year, estimated worth of the websites.

You also get a traffic report which includes estimated visits per day, per month, per year and also tells about estimated page views per day, per month, per year.

With all this data you would be able to find the real-time situation of your competitor’s website and you would also know that how they are performing in the current situation.


Although there are various SEO tools that work differently from each other the motive is the same for all of them, they help in generating quality and quantity of the traffic over the website. However, only one tool is not sufficient to run a website you might need different tools to cover different aspects.

In the context “Rank2traffic.com” is doing a very good job by providing vital information about almost every website by which you can make various strategies for growing your website. This helps in optimizing the website which would attract more and more visitors.

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