Career Benefits of Learning Python

Modern life is influenced by computers and the internet that runs on codes. All the programs are arranged by programming language, therefore it is the basis of all the convenience we feel. In today's digital age that has witnessed strong growth in the smartphone industry, adopting better programming is necessary to gain a competitive edge and provide innovative technologies in people’s hands. Programming languages are responsible for all programs that have been made or running on virtual reality, rostering systems, online games, mobile apps, anti-virus, and many more.

Programming is definitely important, it allows for generating different systems that serve tasks and meet the needs of calculation operations at high speed. The knowledge of some programming languages can be very important to develop capacities in terms of problem-solving and task automation. If it is coupled with algorithms, then there will be great opportunities for jobs and careers in the IT sector.

One of the most popular programming languages these days is Python. Let us understand why learning Python is beneficial and professionals with Python certification are in demand.

What is Python?

Python is a high-level, object-oriented, and interpreted programming language with dynamic semantics. It is simple, has easy to learn syntax, emphasizes readability, and reduces the cost of program maintenance. Its data structure combined with dynamic typing and binding makes it attractive for Rapid Application Development. Python supports packages and modules that encourage code reuse and program modularity.

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This powerful language is used for many applications like:

  • web development (server-side)
  • Mathematical and scientific computing
  • Software Development
  • System Scripting
  • Finance and trading
  • Computer graphics
  • Data Science
  • Mapping and geography (GIS software)
  • Security and penetration testing
  • General and application-specific scripting
  • Basic game development

With Python, it's easy to handle big data and perform complex mathematics, and also can be used for rapid prototyping. It is very popular despite being slow and it is one of the world's most widely used programming languages. It has a simple syntax similar to the English language and highly productive as compared to other programming languages like C++ and Java. It is more productive and has a rich set of libraries and frameworks. It gives fast innovation for improvements.

According to a survey, Python tops the list of the most popular programming languages in 2018. Many large organizations have adopted Python as their primary programming language. It has witnessed steadily rising popularity and so are the career opportunities.

Having a Python certification is one of the most sought-after skills in the entire programming domain. Here are some job profiles that need python knowledge for their work:

Senior Python Developer, Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer, GIS Analyst, Python Full Stack Developer, Junior Python Developer, Quality Assurance Engineer, Software Developer, Research Analyst, Data Analyst, etc.

Benefits Of Learning Python

Apart from being the fastest-growing programming language and having high demand in the global job market, there are several benefits of learning Python, like:

  • High Demand for Python- The demand for the position of analytics and data science are growing worldwide. So you can grab that job if you have learned Python programming.
  • High Earnings- It is the second-highest paid computer language. A Python expert can expect an average salary of $118,626 per year.
  • Flexibility- It is easy to learn and also flexible. Its libraries like NumPy, Panda, and matplotlib make it very capable of processing, manipulating, and visualizing data. Third-party Python libraries enable you to use it for machine learning, web processing, even biology.
  • Easy to Learn- Python is one of the easiest programming languages to learn. It handles complexity nicely. Its syntax reads like English and is not difficult.
  • Security- Not only easy to learn but also it is one of the most secure computer programming languages.
  • Huge Community- Python has a huge community of experts to help you. Communities like StackOverflow bring many Python experts together to help newcomers.
  • Libraries and Frameworks- It has a sheer number of open source libraries, frameworks, and modules that make application development easy and you can do whatever you want.
  • Multipurpose- Python is not tied to just one discipline, you can create your own web applications using Django and Flask. Data Analysis can be done with NumPy, SciPy, Scikit-Learn, and NLTK.
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Python is a great way to start learning to code. It will make you a polyglot programmer and gives you tools to write scripts, create a web application, and open the door to the exciting fields of data science and machine learning.

Take up a Python Course

You must follow a few steps to become a python expert, mentioned below:

Take a Course- There are many Python specialization courses available in the market to make you well-versed in using it for a wide range of applications. Choose the course you’d like to start with, enroll, and start learning. It is recommended to take courses from the world's best instructors and universities that include assignments, video lectures, and community discussion forums.

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Hands-on- Projects-  You'll need to successfully finish the project(s) to complete the Specialization that includes hands-on-projects. It is necessary to earn the certification and showcase your expertise.

Earn The Certification- When you finish the course and are done with hands-on-projects, you will earn a professional certificate that will help you become job-ready. These certifications are beneficial as they provide a deeply engaging learning experience with real-world projects and live expert instruction.

Bottom Line

Python is everywhere. It is one of the most popular programming languages in the IT sector. Many leading organizations and companies have set their programming with Python. There is a high demand for Python experts, so grab the certification courses and transform your resume with a certification that is highly valued in the market.

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