Determine the Best Bathtub for Your Bathroom

As the bathroom is the most important space where you can stay alone with yourself, everything there must be convenient, luxurious, and functional. On the Internet or in showrooms, you can find thousands of options and hear millions of pieces of advice on what bath you need. That is because there are many bathroom design trends, and due to this, you may even search for the cost of freestanding tub made from marble. But we recommend you previously review all possible types of bathtubs before ordering one. Believe, their variety can wonder you!

Possible Materials

Market proposes many options of stuff for bathes. Always prefer those that have certificates of quality like awarded and patented materials of Aquatica (

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The most popular materials for bathtubs are:

  • wood
  • acrylic
  • natural minerals
  • metal
  • synthetic stones

All of them have advantages and disadvantages, as well as different prices. You can overlook the characteristics of all trending models made of every material and verify the ones most suited for your needs. Or ask for a hint from the customer support team of Aquatica.

Shapes and Types

Here is a great choice. Manufacturers propose different forms of tubs: oval, rectangular, round, square, and, of course, models of unique and brushed shape. The same situation is with types of bathtubs. There are dropped or built-in options, freestanding, back-to-wall, corner, and even outdoor. Choose what you want or ask for something extraordinary!

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Bathtubs can be done in various styles: Japanese, modern, clawfoot, slipper, walk-in, and so on. Also, they can be small or deep, for one person or a pair. The range is really vast!

Finally, you can always add something interesting. Among specific functions, the most popular are hydromassage or whirlpool bathtubs, with air-jetted/heating systems, chromotherapy, or Bluetooth connection. Find your ideal bathtub with Aquatica!

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