Upcoming 5G Phones in 2019

We are all living in a world where everyone looks at class and price of the gadgets we own. With our busy schedule, we will always choose a device whose speed is critical. With the 5G connections, people are moving towards it and leaving behind the previously recommended 4G. In 2019, 5G phones will hit the market, and many people will flood there to make purchases.

In comparison to the other 4G phones, the 5G phones are ten times better regarding speed connectivity. With the phone, a phone owner can stay for more than a week without charging it. With the hardware companies, the shipment is already happening, and the phones will be ready in a few months. Regarding restriction, the 5G network will not only be in the phones but also in other accessories such as the AR and VR devices. In addition to this, smart home gadgets and cars will enjoy this connection.  Here are some 5G smartphones set to be launched early this year with their distinct features.

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Samsung Galaxy S10

From the ongoing speculations, the launch might happen in a few months. This phone might be the first 5G phone from the Samsung Company. For the Samsung, they will be launching their 10th phone in the ‘Galaxy S’ generation, which is set to succeed the prestigious Galaxy S9. This phone will be compatible with the 5G network, making it the fastest phone in Samsung shops. Regarding security, the S10 will use ultrasonic-in-display for the fingerprint sensor. For the back cover, ceramic might be the new material.

OnePlus 7, OnePlus 7T

The OEM Company in conjunction with the Qualcomm will launch a new 5G phone later this year. Many people expect that their phones will be released during their annual flagship. With the new 5G connections being embraced by major companies, OEM may make 2019 just another year to sore higher.

Huawei  P30

This is an OEM whose executive has made it clear that they will be releasing the new 5G phone in 2019. Though there are still doubts on the exact phone to be released, the president hints that the P30 might be the new thing during mid-2019. However, in case this does not happen, the technology is ready to release the Huawei mate 30 which will occur after mid-2019.

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The Chinese company has already confirmed that they have tested a customized version of the R15 smartphone with the 5G network and it has perfectly worked. The 5G connection has already been tried in the Oppo laboratories thus being a good sign those other Oppo devices will have this technology incorporated in them. 2019 will, therefore, be another release of these devices in the market.  With Oppo, this connection is possible since it demonstrated to the world on how powerful its technology was by making its first 5G video call last year, 2018. In the first half of this year, a launch is likely to happen.

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Honor 5G

This is a certified rumor since the president, Honor, has already confirmed the launching of the 5G phone. The maker made it clear that they would beat all their rivals by launching the 5G phone and market it first to the world.  With the fact that he wants to be the first one to launch, the release might happen very soon; most probably in February.


People are looking forward to faster download speed. With the launchings set to happen this year, many people are already anticipating on the many benefits of the new phones. Speed is not the only thing that matters. We all want to have a constant connection even in crowded areas. The 5G phones will finally make this dream come true for many people. After the release of these phones, the companies will delve into releasing the best 7 inch tablet in the market.

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