Reasons You Should Avoid Free Online PDF Converters

To maintain the workflow of an organization, it is possible to have so many files that required to be converted into other formats for company's conveniences. One of the most used formats is PDF format because it is accepted globally and has specific features like excellent security which other document formats do not have.

So if you own a company that needed files to be converted into PDF format every day, you might have done few searches in Google and find out that there are some free converters available online and they are offering to convert your files within few moments.
However, have you ever given a thought about exposing your files in such a way is safe or not? Let's know the reasons of why you should avoid free online PDF converters.


An essential part of keeping in mind is that file security. Uploading a confidential file in those free websites can be risky because the online free converters are downloading the files first to start the conversion process. As a third party is getting involved and not providing any security, then hackers can get their hands on your confidential file, and your company can be a victim of data breaching. If you are one of those companies' owners, who believe that the effect of confidential data getting leaked is going to be disastrous then avoiding free online PDF converters is a great choice.
Other than the data threat, your system might get attacked by virus or Trojan software because after the conversion you need to download the converted files from those free converter websites, and those downloaded files can come along with viruses.  If those sites require your personal details like e-mail address, then you might get junk mails daily plus obviously, your personal details are getting exposed.

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If your company is dealing with corporate clients, then the project you are going to deliver to them must be of high quality; you cannot expect high-quality result using the free online converters. The way the original converter software works is far different from those free converters because without tracing the documents, the free sites encode the image and that results in average simple formats, which does not look professional.


You cannot be sure if those free converters are backing up or storing your files; though they claim that they delete your files after the conversion process still, you cannot take a risk. If you have signed an agreement with a corporate company and dealing with their sensitive documents; using those free PDF converters can make a hole in your company's reputation if any files got leaked.

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File Size

The free converters cannot convert large files; the maximum range is 50-100MB, so it is not hard to guess that large files exceeding the limit don't have any chances of getting converted. Plus the websites give you a certain number of chances for converting files free, after that you need to sign up and pay for the conversions.


Using free Online PDF converter requires an active internet connection. If you need to travel a lot for managing your work process, then staying online always cannot be possible. Plus you need to think about the roaming charges if you are traveling overseas.  The premium and original converters work offline as well, which can be convenient in times of finishing work within deadline.

Fewer Features

It is quite evident that the original PDF converter software must have some features which the free online software cannot have. You cannot convert a large number of files in batches into PDF format which easily you will be able to do in that original premium software. On the other hand, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), cleaning, editing, support facilities, and features are only applicable in the case of the premium PDF converter.

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Free online PDF converter seems reliable, but while working and thinking about expanding your business and also to maintain the reputation of your organization, you might be required to deliver standard products or services. Also, you need to keep in mind that you need to deliver a project with complete security, which you can never guarantee if you are working with online free PDF converters. So, I believe this link will help you to get best software.

The reasons that are mentioned above are enough to make you understand why you should avoid free online converters, rest you can see practically when you are going to use the premium and original one. For any more information, please write to us in the comments below.

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