What Kind of Gamer are You?

No matter what race, gender, age, or identity, almost everyone is a gamer. In fact, we all have played many kinds of games in our lives whether to pass time, relax, or even compete. Games can be played alone or with others – traditionally where players are present in real life or the most popular type: online through computer video games.

What Kind of Gamer are You

With the kind of technology we have today, more and more people find video games more accessible; thus giving birth to the term of what we refer now as the modern “gamer.”  They are the ones who either use consoles or dedicated gaming machines for video games like the PS4, Xbox One, and Switch or computers like desktops or laptops. There are many types of gamers, let’s check them out below:


Newbie is a modern slang to mean novice. These types of gamers are new to gaming or beginners of a specific game and although newbie can be applied to people of all ages, but in gaming, newbies are often young due to their lack of skill and experience.

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Casual Gamer

These types of gamers embody the very definition of “casual.” They are usually not that invested in the video games they play because they only aim to do something for a little while for fun's sake, relaxation, or simply to pass time. Casual gamers are usually into short & simple video games like puzzles, strategy games, seek and find games, and many more. These game genres have low difficulty settings and can be played during work breaks or during commutes usually on mobile phones or sometimes, using a computer.

Core Gamer

Core or mid-core gamers are usually more enthusiastic and experienced than a casual gamer. They play a wider range of games on their console and may have a dedicated gaming computer or a decent gaming laptop. Core gamers usually play at their own pace and have are aware of the varied genres of game and sometimes even follow the more mainstream ones when they are released. However, even if they are involved in gaming to an extent, they don't expand much outside the genres they follow or already know.

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Pro Gamer

Professional gamers are the cream of the crop, the best and most dedicated players among all. Pro gamers are those who participate in E-sports or generally play video games for the prize money. They usually get salaries when in training or when there are no tournaments. Pros are sponsored by large companies and are handpicked for their skills and techniques in-game which are essential in winning major competitions.

Hardcore Gamer

Most pro gamers are often hardcore gamers as they heavily invest their time to hone their skills and craft in whatever video game they play. They often have a diverse taste of games and frequently play different genres. These gamers enjoy and prioritize good gameplay above all else regardless if the game has poor to barely decent sounds, graphics, or even plot.

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Hardcore gamers are up to date with the latest news and developments, follow the gaming industry, and spend time on message boards to speculate and discuss upcoming titles. However, not all hardcore gamers are pro gamers as some are just heavily invested in the hobby and do not typically want to be involved in the pro scene.

Have you identified what kind of gamer you are based on the types discussed above? The gaming scene is always evolving so there may be newer types of gamers out there. If you know more, sound off in the comments below.


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