Top Best Wireless Earbuds 2021: How and Which to Choose?

Now is a revolutionary time, technology is ruling the world! Wireless headphones are taking the market by storm. The demand for wireless headphones is steadily growing. Headphones are becoming sleeker, lighter, and more functional. It is not surprising, because thanks to Bluetooth technology, they are comfortable and convenient, and they can be used absolutely everywhere – when you visit, when you go to work, when you play sports,  in a word, always and everywhere.

When deciding on headphones, you can get carried away and make your purchase decision too quickly. This happens quite often and this is normal. We, humans, are beings ruled by emotions. A good marketing message or good looks can motivate you to buy. However, what is important is what is inside the equipment.

Here's what to look out for when choosing headphones.

Sound Quality

Absolutely all users like beautiful music, because of which they do not take their headphones off their ears. If you like powerful bass, look for a company that gives it a lot of attention, like Samsung's Galaxy Buds. Are you a fan of beautiful and balanced sound? Purchase equipment that will allow you to reproduce each type of music in detail. Sony WF-1000X would be a good idea.

Battery Capacity

When upgrading to wireless earbuds, you don't have to mess with awkward cables, you have a battery instead. In wireless headphones, it lasts for 5 hours. The record holder on this list is the Beats PowerBeats Pro, which allows up to 9 hours of entertainment on a single charge. So make sure the battery will last for a long time. Also, make sure the case has the ability to charge them at least twice.

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Mute level

Most of you enjoy listening to a melody without unnecessary background noise. Talking old women on the tram or the sound of passing cars is not what you want. In this case, it makes sense to turn on noise-canceling in the headphones. However, running around town or just walking on busy streets with these headphones on can be dangerous. Therefore, for such use, we recommend choosing partial sound insulation. Think about the situations in which you will be using the headphones and decide if you need noise cancellation.


An earpiece that falls out of your ear every few minutes is not very attractive. The reason is that the cable that moves the tube with your movements is constantly slipping off. Fortunately, this is no longer a problem. Buy wireless earbuds that are comfortable and reliable and forget about keeping them in your ear at all times, even during intense jogging. The Jabra Elite Active 65t, Bose Soundproof Free, and Samsung Galaxy Buds won't disappoint you in the comfort category.

Radius of Action

The convenience of Bluetooth headphones is manifested in their maximum distance from the device. Always check how far they can be from your phone, tablet, or computer before buying. On average, about 15 meters, but some headphones cannot cope with thick walls. So read the reviews because manufacturers usually don't indicate that their product may have connectivity issues when Bluetooth is supposed to penetrate the walls of the house. From this rating, we can, with a clear conscience, recommend almost all models of headphones that work without problems even at a distance of up to several meters, even when there are several massive walls in the way.

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Resistance to External Factors

If you are running, cycling, or doing any other outdoor sports, you should choose headphones that are water and sweat-resistant. When a downpour hits you or you plan a harder workout, you don't have to worry about them breaking. So read the specifications on the box carefully. Remember that wireless headphones must not be submerged in water. As long as they are not harmed by raindrops and sweat, placing them in a pool or glass of water can ultimately end their lives.

Availability and Quality of the Microphone

The standard is that the headphones have a microphone. Its quality is a separate issue. If you want the interlocutor to hear you loudly and clearly and without unnecessary noise, you need to purchase good equipment. Unfortunately, observations have shown that models under 4000 rubles provide only satisfactory microphone quality. However, judge for yourself whether it is worth overpaying for a good microphone. If listening to music, you break away and do not want to talk to anyone, maybe you shouldn't overpay? If the nature of your work requires constant phone calls, consider headphones with a quality microphone that doesn't pick up background noise and sounds good.


After spending money on headphones, you all want to make sure they look good. Before buying, be sure to watch video reviews or photos and see how they look in your ears. Bose Soundproof Free is a good example. Great headphones, but do they fit in your ears? Wireless headphones should be small and inconspicuous. In our opinion, Samsung Galaxy Buds is a model that, in addition to good parameters, provides an excellent appearance. Remember, looks are a matter of taste, so you don't have to agree with us.

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Recommended Manufacturers of Wireless Headphones

Particularly noteworthy are the music gadgets produced by companies with strong positions in the industry. These are products such as:

JBL wireless headphones

Their greatest strength is innovation. They are equipped with a range of innovative technologies including TalkThru and Ambient Aware. The first solution allows you to talk freely without turning off or lowering the music volume, while the second allows you to listen to your favorite songs and stay in constant contact with the environment. You enjoy the sounds of rock, pop, or classical symphony, and at the same time perfectly record sounds coming from the outside (which increases your safety when running or exercising outdoors).

Sony Wireless Headphones

Working with Google Assistant. Thus, they provide you with not only an unforgettable acoustic experience but also essential information on how to get to cinemas, theaters, and restaurants nearby. You can control the equipment using your voice, so you don't have to remove your smartphone to adjust the volume of songs, reorder items in a playlist, or call a friend.

Apple Wireless Headphones

Combine the sophisticated timeless design with high functionality. After just a quarter of an hour of charging, they are ready to go. They are compatible with iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, and Mac computer.

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