10 Popular & Most Reliable Laptop Brands to buy today 2019

Are you always confused between the popular brands of laptops? Which brand of computer do you prefer the most while recommending a new PC to your friend or buying one yourself? So today we are up with a list of Best Laptop brands to buy today in the world in 2017 or you can recommend to your friends and family members.

There are computer manufacturers who provide great features with reliability and price value as well as durability. There are also the ones that are full of features but lack service support. Or some manufacturers have highly priced laptops as compared to others. All top computer manufacturers continuously long to offer a smooth and quality user experience in their products so that their PC or laptop brand stands firm in the market and increases their reputation of quality and value to consumers.

However, there are not just two or three brands in the market, but a flood of manufacturers has been seen in this sector. Many new bands have entered the market and unaccountably several others have improved the reliability and quality of the products they sell. A general user always gets to face a lot of confusion regarding which brand would best suit to him. Here is a brief comparison between the many popularly known brands standing in the market.

How do we Choose Laptop/Computer Brands

10 Best Laptop brands to buy today in the world in 2017

10 Best Laptop brands to buy today in the world in 2018

Looking at the above image we can easily see that there are certain parameters based on which a laptop/Computer brand is categorized as best or worst. There are parameters like Reviews, Design, Support, Innovation, Value & Selection & Warranty. Before heading towards the List of Best Laptop brands to buy today in the world in 2018 first let us understand that on what grounds a Laptop or computer brand is categorized.


The most important part of any brand is the quality of the product such that how good is the brand in its own business. These ratings are given out of 35. For this, the review of a brand is scaled between 01 Feb 20XX  to 28 Feb 20XX+1. Its scaled on a certain parameter and then they also give 0.5 points for each Editors Choice Award.


The design is another important feature for which a brand can stand in today`s world. Every brand or even every laptop/computer has a different look & design. 15 points are secured for this section. This is important because the design of a brand is the thing that is going to give you look & feel.

Tech Support

This is another important factor that is considered while proving a brand a tag of good & worst as a consumer is worried that whether a brand is going to help him/her in case of any technical problem occurs once he/she bought the laptop/Computer. This criterion has a total of 20 scores.


This category has 10 points and scores are given based on the new technology used by the brand in its product to move the market forward in today`s fast-moving market or we can say what the brand has done to support the fast-moving market.

Value & Selection

This Category carries 15 points & this category is basically the value for your money that how widely you can use your laptop or computer. In a middle-class family, they can not afford different laptops/computer for different operation. So a laptop should have a wide range of features to meet all these needs.


In today`s world warranty is one of the key points that a user looks for when he/she goes to purchase a laptop/computer for personal use to secure his/her laptop in case of any mishappening and they also want that the manufacturer should be behind them in case anything goes wrong. This key factor is given the weight of 5 points.

Today some companies provide a warranty of 1 year whereas some of them provide an extended warranty of 1 or 2 years. Also, the brands of laptop/Computers are up with one-time accidental claim in case of any mishappening. Even some of the brands like Dell provide you a warranty at your Door-step after some minimal Troubleshooting over the Telephone.

Laptop Rank Comparison between different brands

So looking at the comparison of the ranks of the brands in the last few years we can see that Lenovo has improved a lot in last 2 years to secure 1st and from 4th.

Whereas Apple due to less timely update in its laptops and less value for users for their money has slipped down to 5th from 1st rank. Razer is the new brand in this list of top 10 Laptop brands to buy today in India in 2018 because its laptops are good from the gaming point of view.

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List of Best Laptop Brands to buy Today in the World in 2019 for you to Buy

1. Lenovo – Best Selling Laptop Brands


Lenovo – top-selling laptop brands

Lenovo computers are popularly thin, lightweight and durable at the same time. They are more of a feature-rich package. Lenovo ThinkPad keyboard is one of the path-breaking innovations in the PC manufacturing sector and no one has been able to surpass Lenovo in areas like these.


In fact, many consider that after Apple, Lenovo is the maker that builds the best hardware in the industry. Lenovo focuses on the satisfaction of customers while interacting with the laptop’s hardware. Their feedback and support are quite foggy but Lenovo makes a legend in productivity part. It has truly some great laptops to offer.

Lenovo-,ranked one in Brand Rating

Lenovo has gained the market in last one year and why not? When most of your laptops are getting the best rating in the industry for so many reasons that you should be the king of the industry. Its laptops are having good battery life, better sleek design, flat keyboard & helpful support without less waiting. Its weakness is it does not give support to high-end games.

For best laptops from Lenovo, You can hit the play button in the below video

2. Asus – Top Rated Laptop Brands


Asus-top selling laptop brands in India

ASUSTeK Inc. popularly known as Asus has been a fairly high ranked brand in the PC world. Some of the Asus notebooks offers highly sleek and trendy design. The Asus E PC UX 21 from the E series is one of the thinnest PCs offering an i7 core processor. The E PCX101 has a built matching to the awesomeness of the MacBook Air.


Did you know, Asus derives its name from the mighty mythological horse called “Pegasus”. The winged horse in Greek mythology symbolizes wisdom and knowledge and honestly speaking, ASUS laptops actually show such great strength and features.

Asus - good quality laptop brands

Asus is at 2nd spot in our list of top 10 laptop brands to buy today in India. This is basically because of its innovative ideas that customers are finding very good. Also, it's great value to the customer's money. The gorgeous and sleek design is another additional feature of Asus. The major weaknesses are the poor tech support that makes it very pathetic to a customer to get after sales attachment with the company.

There are few laptops that are really the best one from Asus and If you feel to check them out please see the below video

3. Dell – Most Reliable Laptop Brands


DELL – Most Reliable Laptop Brands

Who has not heard about Dell’s achievements in the computer market? It always focuses onthe innovation point of technology. The company recently reduced the energy consumption of its products, cut its own greenhouse gas emissions and waste and directly helped 590,000 youth through its strategic giving programs in 2013, as stated in its Corporate Responsibility Report for FY2014.


It is the only company whose product portfolio is 100% waste free. Dell computers also have a variety of products to offer under different price heads that depends upon the extent of specifications that you choose. Because of its price flexibility, Dell fits into everyone’s budget. Dell’s warranty offerings are reputed as the best warranty in the market.

Though it is unlikely that your Dell PC will break down, even if anything does happen, it can be easily fixed without too much hassle. Dell stands well in terms of performance and productivity too, offering tough competition to other brands. Their machines are really easy to fix or repair. It is even better if the product is under warranty. They also offer image restoration as a backup. If your computer has crashed, no worries, as your data, images, and documents are safe.

Dell has slipped to a 3rd ranking from 2nd. The companies some laptops are as usual best in the industry due to their high-end performance, long battery life, great laptop builds & comfortable keyboards. Whereas Alienwares are the best gaming laptop in the industry due to its look & feel for the user.

Also, the company`s tech support is the best one throughout the recent years such that if you are under 1-year warranty than the company will wear the courier cost in both the directions.

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The major weakness of the company is its low-budget models which are not up to the mark. Also, the reps do not have that much knowledge about the underlying software.

We had listed the few best laptops/Computers from Dell in the below video


4. Hewlett-Packard (HP) – Popular Laptop Brands


HP – 10 Popular Laptop brands list to buy today in India

Hewlett-Packard has earned a good, trusted name over time. It is one of the most reliable and original brands out there. It has been constantly working in refining computer manufacturing, and in the course of time, has established themselves as one of the topmost brands in the competitive market. All I can say is that this is a time-tested brand that could capture the top slot of best computer brands.


This company is even older than the old players like Dell and holds the position of one of the biggest PCs manufacturers in the world. HP products are known for their long life and durability. In fact, people go on using an HP for over 10 years and the machine keeps on performing with the same speed and accuracy it was bought with! Now, this is amazing.

Apart from being a highly reliable brand, Hewlett Packard also plays well on grounds of customer support and feedback. So you can see that it’s a great brand if you are a general-purpose rough user. You can fully rely on this best-selling and trusted the brand.

Hp offers every user something such that it has a very wide range of laptops for the use of every category. Like Dell Support of Hp is very good that is either over phone or web. The look & feel of HP is very good.

Whereas talking about its weaknesses of HP are mainly less high-end performance such that the laptops from HP are not good for gaming purpose. Also, the battery life of some of its laptops is very poor.

For some finest laptops/Computers from HP, you can see the below video

5. Acer – Best Quality Laptop Brands

Acer - most popular laptop brands

Acer – most popular laptop brands

Acer will be good for users in need of a fast, strong and reliable computer. Its endurance matches to that of HP. Acer laptops seldom show any manufacturing problem or design flaw. The touchscreen systems designed by Acer are really popular because of their butter smooth response. You can treat Acer as a great home system, on which the whole family can work, play games, and other general home use. Acer always gives a fabulous performance.

Acer best laptop computer brands

Acer is at 5th place in our list of Best Laptop brands to buy today in the world in 2018. The major strengths of Acer are that it provides full value for its laptops and also it provides great tech support. The weakness is that a customer has to pay both directions charges if he/she is willing to have the tech support for any of its laptops part.


Acer provide some best quality LAptops and we had listed them all in the below video

6. Apple Inc. – Leading Laptop Brands


Apple – Top rated laptop brands

Apple Inc. has always been under the limelight for their uber-awesome product catalog. In this post where we discuss a list of top ten computer brands, Apple computers, while not the cheapest, certainly must come in the top computer brands of all time. The most infamous drawback of picking a Mac is obviously its high price. But yes, in return you get a notebook different from others, good laptop brands with great productivity factor. The price point may seem high, but so is the quality.

The built of the marvelously engineered structure is based on an aluminum body which looks really cool. Apple prefers SSDs (Solid State Drives) which make the functioning of system and hardware ultra fast (actually around four times as fast as traditional hard drives). Now that makes a lot of difference.


And yes, you can trust on Apple’s reliability because of the absence of any moving parts. Each component in Apple computers is thoroughly thought out and then incorporated. The computer parts are really cleverly designed and manufactured, especially the asymmetrical fans which can produce a variety of sound frequencies. While talking about Apple, how can we overlook graphics? The cool graphics offered on the Apple’s screen is truly a feast for the eyes.

Apple has slipped to 6th place from the top of the list as it requires a huge pile of money to purchase its MacBook. The major advantages of Apple are that there is no competitor of tell in providing speedily tech support. Also, it provides features like Siri, Touch ID & Apple Pay. It provides slimmer laptops & MacBooks. Besides these advantages, there are few disadvantages also like nearly no updates to its laptops from last two years & high rate of its laptops.

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Our recommendations for best laptops from Apple is in the below video

7.MSI – Latest Laptop Brands

MSI is a brand that provides laptops for gaming.The company is always upfront to the new ideas. Earlier there was a news that company is going to add tobbi eye tracking and programmable mechanical keyboards to its notebooks.

The major advantages are the warranty of these laptops such that they provide a full warranty to your laptop in case of any damage if you register your laptop within 30 days of purchase. It has the capacity to work as a workstation. But talking about the drawbacks than the reps of company don't even know about their own company`s software and also there is no follow up with the customer about their problem. There are fewer colors of laptops available.


MSI`s best laptops are there in the below video

8. Razer – Laptop Brand for Gamers

Razer has a tagline that “it's for gamers by the gamers” Such that Razer provides a wide range of laptops that supports multiple games that require best graphics card in the market.

These laptops are there in the market for very long but this year it has given a very wide variety of laptops with some innovative ideas. The company has provided world's first ultra-low-profile mechanical keyboard outfitted with superthin switches. Its design is another reason that it's attracting the consumers. Although having slim size but it comprises full high-end specs. There are few disadvantages like it`s very costly and not more options if we talk about colors.


We have integrated some of them into the video below

9. Samsung – Quality Laptop Brands


Different Durable laptop brands – Samsung

It always makes remarkable computers and tablets! In fact, like Apple, Samsung plays well on the part of sync between various devices. You can combine all your technology under one umbrella with Samsung. Phone, tablet, and computer – all can be synced using Samsung smart features. Samsung devices are impressive.


It offers good touchscreen all-in-ones. Its devices perform a range of tasks beautifully. Whether it is work, shopping, movies, browsing or anything else, Samsung is the brand to rely upon. It is simply wonderful at anything you want to do with it. It won’t be wrong to say that Samsung offers a delicacy in terms of user computing experience.

Samsung is at 9th place in our best laptop brands list in the market today. Ther is not much about Samsung that we can talk about but its balanced lineup & innovative design is the few things that are able to attract business for the company. But its poor tech support & fewer features are the key reasons that it is not able to attract any of editors choice award

Samsung's best laptops/Computers are in the video below

10.Microsoft – Good Quality Laptop Brands

Miucrosoft - quality laptop brands

Microsoft – quality laptop brands

Microsoft is the one brand for outdoor users. Why? Because Microsoft laptops have a great battery life to offer. This brand is popular for its long-lasting performance. If you are traveling for long hours, you must carry Microsoft. It will always save you the trouble of frequently finding a charging point.


Microsoft laptops are visually striking and impressive products. There are not any complaints about its quality. Microsoft is rough and tough. They are for users who have to do a lot of office work on their laptops. Its prices are moderate and at the same time, it offers top-notch quality gears that all major players have to show. A solid performer, Microsoft will never let you down with its reliability and performance.

Microsoft has the last place in our list of good laptop brands for you to buy today but still, its detachable laptops are still best in the market & it is still a leader in 2 in 1 innovation. It is very costly & has a limited edition only.

We have summarized a vedio for you. Please have a look at it

Although all brands are working hard and harder to produce near perfect devices. It depends on the user requirement and budget which settles the argument. This article hopefully provided an adequate comparison between laptops, i.e. useful info to all such users that were in a state of confusion to choose which brand out of the best ones present in the market.

So, This was the list of Best Laptop brands to buy today in the world in 2018 for you. I hope this will help you to decide which laptop/Computer brand is best for your need.

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