Xiaomi 55-inch MI TV 4 testimonial: It’s a deal you can’t reject

If you've seen the Godfather, you'll most likely be familiar keeping that one scene where Don Vito Corleone informs his godson, “I'll make him an offer he cannot refuse.” Reducing to the chase, Xiaomi has actually done something really similar, in India. It has actually launched a 55-inch smart TV right here, called the MI TV 4, which is slimmer than an iPhone X as well as uses 4K HDR for just Rs. 39,999. It's an offer you just cannot decline. A minimum of, on paper.

It's not best, the MI TV 4, but, at its low price, it doesn't also matter. The 55-inch MI TELEVISION 4, from Xiaomi, I duplicate, sets you back just Rs. 39,999– as well as I am still wondering why it sets you back as long as it does incidentally– and also strikes way above its weight, for what it's worth. Similar too much of its smart devices.

Unlike a smart device, that people frequently tend to replace promptly, TVs are suggested for long-term usage. In India, at least. It's an investment that people in India do, and also expect to last for at the very least 5-6 years, otherwise more. If you're acquiring something like that, you'll need to be nit-picking. There's no other alternative. Which is why, I'll be nit-picking for certain. Despite the fact that, the price available is too great to be true.


Layout and build top quality

The primary highlight of Xiaomi MI TV 4 is its style: even more specifically its paper-thin profile. The MI TELEVISION 4 measures simply 4.99 mm at its thinnest point, and just 48mm at its thickest. The base, to be attached independently ought to you be looking to place it on a table, on the other hand measures just 216.5 mm. The whole thing, including the base, evaluates in at simply under 20kg, making the MI TV 4 one of the sleekest high-end Televisions that loan could buy.


The MI TV 4 is taken of a significant piece of lightweight aluminum. While the front is all glass, many thanks to a close to border-less structure that kind of alleviates right into the display, the back– disallowing the motherboard– is all metal. Xiaomi has managed to snugly separate the motherboard so it occupies a much smaller footprint compared to equivalents.

Although, streamlined as well as stylish, the MI TELEVISION 4 will certainly call for owners to be exceptionally careful while handling. Currently you can state, Televisions aren't meant to be handled each day, but, the moments when you will need to take care of it, it's going to take some additional care. This is because, a huge component of the MI TELEVISION 4, is its USP display screen and that display is insanely slim. You can actually really feel things somewhat totter each time you put some stress on it while including something to among its many ports, or perhaps while cleaning it, for that matter.

Mentioning which, the MI TV 4 has 3 HDMI 2.0 ports, 1 USB 2.0 port, 1 USB 3.0 port, 1 Ethernet port along with the typical AV, analog as well as sound out ports.



The 2nd highlight of XiaoMI's MI TV 4 is its near border-less display. The MI TELEVISION 4 includes a custom-made Samsung 4K SVA (Superior Vertical Positioning) present panel with a 3840×2160 pixel resolution and a comparison ratio of 6000:1. It boasts of a latency of 8 MS and a refresh rate of 60Hz, 178 level watching angles as well as vibrant back lighting that instantly changes inning accordance with the material on display. It features an integrated eye security mode– to be allowed by hand– that must practically entail in comfy viewing/with much less pressure on the eyes for binge-watching. There's support for the HDR standard also, although there's no Dolby Vision.



The MI TELEVISION 4 handles– as well as reproduces– shades quite well and its brightness levels are best in course. The fact that it can natively run 4K video clips at 60Hz, is simply the crowning achievement, specifically if you enjoy that type of web content. Not everything is hunky dory though. While it would be god-awful to expect OLED at this price factor, the panel on-board the MI TV 4, although it is primarily rather great, has questionable watching angles. It's reflective/glossy also, so unless you're viewing it from the ideal angles, you'll have a hard time seeing material on it.

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Software program

The 3rd highlight of XiaoMI's MI TELEVISION 4 is its software which, much like its phones, is also based upon Android. Much like its phones, Xiaomi has likewise skinned the MI TELEVISION 4 with its very own take on Android. Xiaomi is calling it Spot Wall surface, as well as the business has actually apparently made India-specific adjustments to the system– all MI Televisions are based on Spot Wall– although the fundamental ideology still continues to be mostly unmodified.

Spot Wall is based upon “deep discovering AI that referrals metadata making smart content referrals customized to you,” according to Xiaomi, which means it's constantly learning and also developing. Patch Wall, since it is AI-driven, features the ability to learn a user's checking out behaviors then as necessary it recommends material based on their choices.

Unlike other Android TVs, Patch Wall surface is focused on content instead of apps This suggests, each time you will power it up, you'll be welcomed directly with material as well as not applications that would certainly lead you to web content.


Unlike various other Android TVs, Patch Wall surface is concentrated on web content as opposed to apps.

The focus rests on revealing even more content on one display as quickly as possible, or with the quickest feasible path. The focus likewise rests on showing more material on one display and also as quickly as feasible, or via the shortest possible path, via voice. Individuals can be both unbelievably arbitrary and also ridiculously specific while surfing content, and also Spot Wall surface will be able to find them basically everything if it fits the expense of its capabilities. The MI remote that Xiaomi will be delivering in package with the MI TELEVISION 4, will certainly be nonetheless, a fundamental affair regarding performance is worried which basically means no voice control.


A voice-enabled remote will certainly be offered independently at a later stage, Xiaomi has actually verified to India Today Tech. Additionally, it will be possible to manage the MI TV 4, via the MI remote application for mobile phones. An upgrade that the business is presently dealing with will also bring a content-based user interface to the MI remote app (when paired with the MI TV 4) enabling customers to interact and also involve with the material inside the application itself. However, that will happen when it will certainly take place. The same holds true concerning voice control.

At the exact same time, although the MI TV 4 is based upon Android, there's no Google Play store on it, which suggests you can't conveniently download and also install applications on it– like Netflix and Amazon Prime– unless you side-load them. This can be too technological for lots of. This is something that also Xiaomi recognizes, and the firm is already at the workplace on a work around. Yet unless Xiaomi comes out with a solution, you can just side lots applications on the MI TV 4 which indicates mounting APKs of files using its USB ports.

Be advised that, despite the fact that you could be able to side-load applications on the MI TELEVISION 4, there's no guarantee the application will actually service it. The Play Store application, for example, doesn't service the MI TELEVISION 4 even when you side-load it.


Efficiency and also audio

Under the hood, Xiaomi's MI TV 4 has a 1.8 GHz quad-core Am logic T968 Cortex-A53 processor paired with Mali-T830 MP2 GPU. It has 2GB of DDR4 RAM as well as 8GB of flash storage space. It features dual-band Wi-Fi (802.11 a/c) as well as Bluetooth 4.0, together with two 8W speakers with support for Dolby sound and DTS.

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Xiaomi might go to fantastic lengths to highlight its style, and screen, and also rate, and whatnot, but the actual celebrity of the show here is just how simple it is for anyone as well as everyone to establish the MI TV 4 operating in a jiffy. The user interface, with its content-based unlimited scrolling plan, could be frustrating at first but once you're through the preliminary phase of learning more about it, you'll actually value Xiaomi's choice to make material– as opposed to apps– do the talking. Besides, that's the entire factor, of having a TELEVISION. That's not to claim the MI TV 4 does not have granular control. But all of that can wait, for when, you're at home with it ready to explore some much more.

What establishes the MI TELEVISION 4 apart from equivalents is the fact that it is content being a moron box also yet at the exact same time it has the capacity to earn your existing set-top box (4K, HD, non-HD or whatever) look wise. You could opt to attach the MI TV 4 to the web by means of Ethernet or Wi-Fi as well as stream content on it, however, you can likewise not attach it to the web and also watch your normal TELEVISION shows on it with a normal set-top box. Every MI TELEVISION 4 will deliver with a ‘made in India' IR wire in package that will enable the MI TV 4 to speak to your set-top box: so, it can basically inform your set-top box to switch over in between networks. One of the added benefits of Patch Wall surface, according to Xiaomi, is that the interface will certainly permit the MI TV 4 remote to regulate your set-top box, transforming it into an universal remote of types.



The MI TV 4 sustains nearly every prominent set-top box that's readily available in India like Tata Sky and Recipe TELEVISION, to even those that are provided by neighborhood players like Hath way as well as City wire. What truly makes the MI TV 4 attract attention is how smartly it incorporates your set-top box networks into its user interface– based on your viewing along with trending patterns– making them component of your real-time stream, when attached to the web– also quickly– the user interface allows you to obtain quick information concerning programs– both real-time and also forthcoming– as also refined information like exactly how away you will certainly remain in a program or movie must you decide to start seeing at any type of offered point of time. And you could do all of this without needing your set-top box remote.


What truly makes the MI TV 4 stand out is how cleverly it integrates your set-top box networks right into its interface

Xiaomi is truly touting the ‘made in India' element of the IR cable television that it will be shipping in package with the MI TELEVISION 4, claiming no such function or accessory exists in its house lawn China. The demand for such an accessory comes from the observation that there's still a considerable variety of set-top box individuals in India, and Xiaomi is aiming to deal with that target market as well. The MI TELEVISION 4 might be smart, but it's also rather fundamental in regards to usage which suggests it's very easy to set-up and very easy to operate unlike the majority of smart TVs that typically tend to bombard users with unnecessary issues. The very same reason that the MI TELEVISION remote features just 11 buttons as versus others consisting of a normal set-top box remote that come with much too many.

When it comes to the speakers on-board, they could obtain loud, however, for a TV that measures as long as it does, the MI TV 4 audio evaluates in heavily on the reduced end of the audio range. It can leave you asking for more, specifically audiophiles that will certainly be searching for an abundant movie theater experience from it.

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Web content

Going on, a wise TELEVISION is simply a pinhead box without material, and also it's nice to see Xiaomi partnering with as many as 12 material partners to boot in India and also the listing consists of preferred streaming services like hot star and also Voot. Netflix and Amazon.com Prime are still not on-board. Xiaomi is asserting some great numbers: 500.00 hours of material spread across 15 Indic languages. Yet, dig a little deeper and you'll locate, almost all of that material's whatever but 4K. And the MI TELEVISION 4 is a 4K TV, as well as a 55-inch one at that, which means each web content on it would look practically great, not fantastic.

4K (as well as HDR) are relatively inceptive innovations in India, even around the world to some extent. There's simply insufficient web content making all those added pixels matter. Hot celebrity, Voot as well as all the other partners that Xiaomi has actually tied up with, to begin with, do not have any type of 4K material Actually, only Netflix as well as Amazon Prime, provide 4K (and HDR) material now of time, as well as both don't work out-of-the-box on the MI TELEVISION 4. For now. YouTube isn't really supported natively on the MI TELEVISION 4 too, which means you can't delight in 4K videos off of it out-of-the-box either. You could conversely opt to buy on your own a 4K set-top-box, but, that would be costly as well as TELEVISION channels in 4K are anyways as well scarce to regulate such a hefty investment.


Hot celebrity, Voot and all the various other partners that Xiaomi has consolidated don't have any 4K content.

Yet right here's exactly what you can do, need to you be seeking to see 4K material on the MI TELEVISION 4. You can go get on your own a 4K streaming tool like the Apple TV 4K (or a Chrome cast Ultra). Netflix and also Amazon Prime Video clip will, obviously, call for subscriptions. YouTube is cost-free. But all these are workarounds, as well as included financial investments. Xiaomi knows all this, which is why it's open to bringing extra content companies– more especially Netflix and Amazon.com Prime Video– on-board in the future.


Should you get it?

While in China, the MI TELEVISION 4, can be found in 49, 55 and 65-inch versions, Xiaomi is just bringing the 55-inch variation to India for now. Likewise, the MI TV 4 is offered in 2 variants in China: one that's modular and also enables users to precisely update the display, the motherboard as well as the audio components as well as another that's even more mainstream and also rather certainly lighter on the pocket. Xiaomi is only bringing the latter to India in the meantime.

Although, dirt-cheap, its large dimension as well as range could be a deal-breaker for many. That it will not be offered in several size variants-at the very least to start with-can wet its leads even more. There's likewise the 4K content facet yet that's purely subjective. In addition to, it's a flaw that pesters nearly all the 4K Televisions in India.

However here's the thing. The MI TELEVISION 4 is a gateway to the future, and also an available one at that. It does not jeopardize on software and hardware, similar to other Xiaomi product, and also it does all of this at almost half the cost of a costs flagship. Unless its size as well as measurements are putting you off, there's no reason you should not purchase the MI TELEVISION 4. The MI TV 4, after all, costs just Rs. 39,999 and also is one of the sleekest high-end TVs that cash can acquire. Also, one of the most feature-rich.

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