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The first benefit is that it can improve some of the symptoms of autism. This is because most of the patients who have autism are going to love music. Therefore, they are going to interact with anything that is related to music. This is going to help to improve some of their nonverbal and verbal communications of the child. It can help to improve any anxiety that the child might have, they are going to be able to pay better attention to things because their focus is better, and their body awareness is going to be improved over time.



The second benefit of the therapy through music is that it can help to improve some of the symptoms of depression. Most of us don't even realize that our mental health is going to affect our physical health. Therefore, if a person is depressed, it can be very harming to your overall health. This is one of the main reasons why some many more people are taking anti-depressants. But if you are a person who does not want to take pills, then you can also change your diet or exercise on a regular basis. It might also be a good idea to meditate so that you can work on your body and mind better.

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The third benefit is that it is going to be able to enhance the development of your fetus while you are pregnant. This is why there are a lot of moms are going to play music to their babies especially later on in the pregnancy. The child is going to be a lot more responsive to music after they are born, and neonatal behavior is going to be more positive. Some of these behaviors are going to include increased feeding rates, increased weight gain, deeper sleep, and reduced heart rate of the baby. If the baby is premature, it can help with the development of the baby.

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The fourth benefit of the therapy through music is that it is going to be easier for you to manage your pain. If you are having to take a lot of medications for your pain, then it can bind the receptors in the brain. This means that it is going to lower the sensation of the pain. This is why there are so many deaths due to overdosing of pain medications. Therefore, people are going to need some alternative options when it comes to dealing with the pain that they might be in. For example, a person who had heart surgery and listens to music, then the pain relief is going to be all natural.

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The fifth benefit is that it can support the positive heart health. You might not realize it at the time, but when you listen to music, your body is going to response to it unconsciously. This is because it can influence the rate of your heart and improve the level of your blood pressure. This means that you are going to have less feelings of anxiety of stress. For the patients who had heart surgery, the ones that listened to music had less distress and lower blood pressure compared to the patients who did not listen to any type of music.


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