What do Payroll Services Include?

There’s no point in hiring payroll processing services or buying payroll software if you don’t know what it can actually offer you. Understanding your own payroll is a core part of figuring out how to handle it all properly, especially if you’re a small business owner or a new start-up that’s still setting up a payroll system.

What do third-party payroll services and tools include, and what should you expect from them?

Basic Payroll Services

Sometimes the most basic payroll processing services are the most important. This can be data entry, form creation, form storage, and anything else that focuses on the actual meat of the payroll itself. Even entirely-digital systems rely on somebody doing work somewhere during the chain.

Hiring somebody to do basic payroll work can still be a great option, even if it’s not necessarily the most complex or interesting way to use a third-party specialist. Payroll processing can take a long time, and a small business may not have the time or money to dedicate another employee to handling payroll work just yet.


Storage of important payroll documents, like forms and payslips, is incredibly important. You can use tools like cloud storage platforms to ensure that they’re always kept in an accessible digital location, giving you a range of different ways to access it from multiple locations and across almost any device.

This is also important for companies where every employee is involved in the payroll somehow, which usually happens with new start-ups. Being able to share the documents quickly and easily is a major part of using your payroll well, and it can even translate into more effective payroll management in the future.


Paystubs and payslips are some of the most common payroll services online, with tools like paystub generator or paystub maker software appearing quite often on the internet. These allow you to create a paystub quickly and easily, rather than having to do it all manually and unnecessarily waste a lot of time.

Being able to generate a pay stub reliably is an important part of payroll processing, and a decent paystub creator can give you access to a lot of new features and tools. Even the most basic check stub maker can save plenty of time, making it a worthwhile investment for most companies.

Other Work

Really, there are countless services that companies and contractors can offer, and a lot of these services are also available as standalone tools. This makes it nearly impossible to list them all, especially since some are going to be more useful to your business than others depending on your goals and scale.

Identify weaknesses in your current payroll structure and see what you can change. Sometimes it only takes a little bit of business analysis to see that your company is struggling with payroll processing and that a check stub maker or paystub creator would have a huge positive impact on how quickly you can get payroll documents finished and properly submitted.

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