5 Ways to Optimize Your E-commerce Landing Page and Improve Sales

Today, any business that is yet to take its products and services online is missing a big deal. Why? There are millions of potential prospects willing to buy from your brand with just a click. Millions of businesses are already online and reaping big from the advanced internet, AI, and IoT.

Well, your effort to persuade customers and convince them to buy does not end when you build an e-commerce website. You have to customize your product, home, and landing pages to improve UX and boost your conversion rate. Whether your goal is that more people will go to Play Croco online casino from your site or you just want to improve your sales, you must be equipped with skills to optimize your landing page.

Here is how to optimize your e-commerce landing page and improve your sales in the shortest time possible.

Set and understand your campaign goals

Why do you even have a website for your business in the first place? Is it for luring customers to your shop or creating awareness about your brand? The first step to increasing your landing page conversion rate is setting your goals clearly and understanding what works best for your business online.

Most landing pages record the lowest CTR and conversion because the owners fail to set a clear goal for optimizing the page. For instance, your website landing page should not have multiple offers if you want to capture your customers’ attention.

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Well, posting discounts on the landing page is good for conversions, but when such offers are just too much on the website, you end up confusing the customer. Simply put, when creating your landing page, you should focus on a bunch of solutions for the customer. This way, your visitors won’t be confused or lose sight of what the website is actually offering them.

Make your headlines simple

Online shoppers are the most impatient group of customers you will have. In a physical store, you can easily convince a customer to buy a product or spend some time going through your shelves and catalog. However, for online shops, everything happens in seconds and minutes.

That said, you want to capture the customers' attention within the first second of reading your landing page. If the customer is ‘landing’ on this page because of the discount you promised in your advert that should be the first line they read when they visit your website.

Make your headlines bold, high font, unique, clear, and simple if you want customers to stay on your landing page for long so that you convert them. It takes seconds to grab a reader’s attention, and by having a well-written headline for your landing page, you can improve your conversion rate in no time.

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Unique and flowing content

Your word is your winning tool when setting your landing page. Once a customer visits your landing page, you should provide them the right information they are looking for. Your landing page should be convincing to your target audience. That said, you should design the landing page with unique and informative content. Combined with visuals like video and memes, you can increase engagement on your landing page and convert visitors to customers.

When you publish content on your landing page, you should make it flow and unique. Take the reader in steps until they get the message you are communicating. That is the only way to ask your customers to take action like buying your best selling product or subscribing to your newsletter.

Images and visuals

If you are offering physical products like groceries, you should provide high-quality photos of that on your landing page. Most people believe what they see, and in the digital world, that has not changed. You can post a short video explaining how to use your products or some pictures of customers using the product.

Images increase engagement and interaction on your landing page. When customers spend time on your website, you can easily convert them to buyers. So, you should not make your landing boring with texts only. You can spice it up with some video and HD images of your products.

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Optimize for speed

We’ve said this before – that online shoppers are always in a hurry. If your website takes minutes or ages to load, nobody will be waiting for it. That said, you should ensure your website is fast and experiences no downtime. Your customers should be able to find you online when they think of shopping for their next product.

To improve your landing page speed, you can:

  • Reduce all redirects on your website
  • Improve the server response time. You should host your website with a local web-hosting company.
  • Avoid publishing large files like images and videos on your landing page. For long videos, you can publish them on other platforms like YouTube and only post links on your landing page.
  • Minify, combine or compress large files. You can use asynchronous loading for JavaScript and CSS files.

Final Thoughts 

It takes a lot to win a customer when they click on your online store. When you improve their experience with your website and landing page, it is very easy for a customer to buy your products. Lastly, you should not forget to include a strong call-to-action (CTA) on your website landing page if you want to increase your conversion rate.


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