How To Protect Yourself From The Dangers of EMF Radiation

Ever since technology has started developing and, so to speak, taking the world over, we have all been thankful for it. It’s no wonder since all the gadgets have made modern life rather convenient and a lot simpler. We have come to the point where we can no longer imagine life without those gadgets, and that’s certainly not going to change any time soon.

Yet, have you ever wondered if this could be harmful and dangerous for your health? I’m sure you did, but I’m also sure you later dismissed that idea, not because it makes no sense, but simply because you don’t want to think about it. Well, as it turns out, there are quite a few good reasons to start thinking about it, since these gadgets send out certain invisible energy waves that a lot of experts are concerned about. Click this to see what I am talking about.

The moment you actually start thinking about this seriously is when you realize that EMF radiation certainly is a thing and that it won’t go away if you try to ignore it. However, does this mean that you should ban all the gadgets, such as computers and even microwaves, from your life completely? That would be not only frustrating but also pretty impossible unless you are ready to lock yourself in your room, lying under your EMF bed canopies, covered with EMF blankets and wearing EMF protection clothing.

Don’t get me wrong here. Using those canopies, blankets and clothing pieces, together with EMF protection necklaces with protection crystals and other, similar, items is certainly a good idea. Still, it means that you don’t need to isolate yourself and ban all the appliances from your life. The point is that you can still move on with your regular life and get protected, either by replacing certain gadgets with their EMF-blocking counterparts, such as your regular headsets with air tube headsets or by getting some new gadgets designed to keep the level of radiation in checks, such as EMF meters and dirty electricity filters.

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To put things simply, there are so many things you can do to keep safe from this type of radiation that there is absolutely no need for you to skip out on certain modern life perks, such as Wi-Fi or even saunas. Yes, you have heard that right, even saunas can pose a threat to you in this regard, but it appears that people have found a solution for that as well and there are now low EMF infrared saunas that you can enjoy without worrying about radiation. In short, you can protect yourself without giving up on everything and locking yourself up in your room.

If you take a quick look at, you will see that there are definitely a lot of products that you can get to shield yourself from radiation, such as WIFI router guards, smart meter guards, EMF blocking cell phones cases, laptop radiation shields, as well as faraday bags and pouches and similar. All those products can really come in handy and give you some peace of mind. In addition to getting some of those 5G EMF protection products, however, it would do you good to know at least a few tricks on keeping safe from radiation even without them. So, let me give you a few tips on doing this, both with and without the products.

Turn Off Your Wi-Fi When Not Using It

We usually don’t spend any time thinking about our Wi-Fi routers, and we certainly don’t turn them off and on frequently. Here’s the thing, though. In addition to getting those Wi-Fi router guards that I have mentioned, you should make it a habit to turn off this gadget whenever you aren’t using it. This especially goes for when it’s bedtime. So, do your best not to forget to do this.

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Learn How To Use Your Phone Safely

If anyone told you that you don’t actually know how to use your phone, you would probably start laughing at them. Well, you can laugh at me all you want, but the thing is that you probably don’t know how to use it. No, I’m not saying that you don’t know your way around all the useful apps and that you would have a hard time finding something on this device. Instead, I’m simply referring to the methods of using the phone safely. That’s probably not something you think about frequently.

You can do a couple of things to be safer from EMF when using this particular gadget that you definitely cannot spend a day without. For starters, you might want to start using the speakerphone instead of having the phone on your ear and close to your brain at all times. Then, there’s also the idea of turning on airplane mode when you aren’t actively using the device. Of course, you can always add an extra layer of protection by getting the EMF blocking cell phone cases.

Do The Same With Computers

When trying to protect yourself from EMF, you will certainly have to think about computers too. Phones aren’t the only danger. It would be a good idea to start using a corded mouse and a keyboard instead of cordless ones and keep the computer a couple of feet away from you while using it to limit this exposure to electromagnetic radiation. Additionally, you should do your best to use your laptop only while on battery power, i.e. when it isn’t plugged in and take frequent breaks.

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Turn Your Bedroom Into A Safe Place

It would do you good to have a room in your home free from all the harmful waves, and it’s only logical for that to be your bedroom. So, turn it into a safe place and not only by getting those EMF bed canopies and blankets. This can definitely be a useful step, but if you aren’t ready to take it that far, here’s what you should do.

Keep all the electronic devices out of this room and thus limit your exposure right before bedtime. Then, you can also unplug everything that’s left in the room, such as lamps, right before you get to sleep. This way, you will certainly be able to keep yourself safe and protected while spending time in that room. It will also help you get a good night’s sleep.

Spend More Time Outdoors

Sure, you can spend all your time trying to turn your house into a safe place, but here’s the thing. It won’t do you good to spend that much time inside. Among other things that you can do to protect yourself from electromagnetic radiation (more info), you shouldn’t forget to spend some time outdoors. This will be rather helpful.

By spending time in nature, you will actually get away from all those enclosed areas filled with harmful and dangerous waves. I suppose that you already know that spending time outdoors is generally good for your health. This is just one more reason to do it regularly.

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