8 Ball Pool: Everything You Need to Know

With numerous games emerging as options for the best pastimes and refreshments, you have multiple things to associate with when you are locked inside the house during the pandemic. While fantasy sports, including cricket, football, kabaddi, etc. along with multiple card games are grabbing all attention, games like 8 ball pool too are stealing the limelight at the same time. Pool or 8 ball pool is a game that needs you to be proficient enough and hence, most of the novice players stay out of it. However, online gaming platforms have made this game easy to learn, explore, and gain expertise in.

Given the unawareness of the players, India Fantasy published a set of guidelines to assist interested gamers to know the tips and tricks to play and win the game online. 8 Ball Pool is played by professionals all across the globe. The variations in which it is available to gamers are what makes the game super exciting even for amateurs. This game is played on a pool table either as singles or doubles. There are cue sticks and 16 balls, out of which 15 are object balls and one is a cue ball. This cue ball is the one on the pool table that is used to strike other balls.

When you involve in the online version of the 8 ball pool, the speed will be higher when compared to that of snooker or billiards if you have played these cue games virtually. As Indians were exposed to the cue sport, it became one of the most widely played online games in the country. Thanks to the online gaming apps and the smooth interface they offer to gamers that they remain glued to the game during their leisure time.

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The Setup

Here are the following things that you need when you play the game offline and the set up provided to players when they play pool game online:

  • The standard pool table with six pockets.
  • 15 object balls
  • Cue sticks to target the other 15 balls
  • A rack of balls in a triangular shape is set up opposite to where the cue ball is placed.
  • One player needs to break that rack using the cue ball to aim at the triangular stack. He/she is expected to hit as hard as possible to spread the balls all across the table.

The Objective

The players have to aim to pocket all the striped and solid balls, and the 8 black balls should be pocketed at last. The one who pockets all the required balls is the winner. Whether you play a pool game online or offline, it will be normally a one-to-one game. The ones who are the best finally compete to record their wins and become the winner.

The Process

As soon as the game starts, the players are asked to position the cue ball either on the table or behind the head strings. Now, you or your opponent would have to drag the respective cue stick in a circular pattern to set a target at the cue ball. Now the one aiming at the ball will need to pull down the stick and assess the force with which he/she will require to release the stick and hit the ball. The players are allowed to use the alternative of strike points for the cue ball to ensure they get a chance to spin the ball as and when they need.

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The Fouls

When you are playing 8 ball pool, it is important to be careful enough in identifying the fouls that may occur, making you face a penalty. If you do the following, you involve in a foul:

  • In case you pocket the ball of your opponent
  • If you pocket the cue ball
  • You strike the opponent’s ball
  • If the ball you have hot does not reach or touch the pool table rail
  • If the cue ball does not come in contact with the ball you aimed at.

The Tips

While discussing everything that you need to know about the 8 Ball Pool, a special mention of the tips and tricks related to the game is a must. After all, you play to win. Hence, with this section, you will know how to be wise enough to record a win.

If you inculcate the following tricks to your game, you will surely win no matter you’re playing it online or offline:

  • Make sure your hits are accurate. It is advisable not to aim at any ball randomly. If you are playing to win, ensuring accuracy is the key.
  • Using the spin feature by opting for strike points on the cue balls should be preferred.
  • Aim at the balls carefully. Check where the ball goes after you hit it. In case you pocket the cue ball, the point goes to your opponent.
  • The force with which you hit the ball is very important to consider. Assess the speed and force beforehand. This planning will help you pocket the desired ball.
  • As already stated, the variations of the game are many. Hence, you should select the one that best suits you as per your expertise in the game. A higher-level battle room will mean a loss for you if you are a novice. So, be careful. Assess your skills and accordingly make your choice.
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The points discussed above are sufficient to let you understand what this cue sport is all about. You can utilize all your knowledge, skills, and other aspects to make sure you record a win when you play. Of course, there are multiple gaming apps that offer 8 Ball Pool as an option, and that too with multiple variations to choose from. There will be more than one battle room for players to choose from. Based on their level of proficiency and expertise, they can make a selection. Their choice will determine their chances of winning the game.

It is expected that the gamers do not involve in any kind of foul as it will only deduct the points they gathered or make them face penalties unnecessarily.

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