Millions of secrets of blast game odds without the use of robots

Blast games and casino games such as roulette are two examples of the most lucrative casino games in Iran; but today’s explosion game pays users from 10 million to 100 million tomans per month, why not be the second person in these numbers!! The top B site continues to provide you with millions of secrets of blast game odds without using a robot. 

 Undoubtedly, you already know the game of explosion. So far, we have provided many explanations in the form of articles about this casino game, about which you can undoubtedly get comprehensive information. Therefore, it is recommended to read the explosion game tutorial article first of all.

رازهایی میلیونی از ضرایب بازی انفجار بدون استفاده از ربات

Biography of the origin of the explosion game

Biography of the origin of the explosion game 

The biography and origins of this game do not go back in time. Because we all know it as a new game. Only for this purpose, it is one of the strongest and also the most famous among the betting games, which is faced with excitement as well as many benefits, and to play in a reputable site, click on the entry to the betting site in the green bar at the bottom. Kurds.

 According to the top B, there was no thought about this game at first, so no one knew how to play the blast game, and everyone tried a different blast game.

 In this way, some methods answered, but in most of these methods, there was no news of a profitable game. Sometimes if you play without studying, you will try these methods. One of these inappropriate methods would be to bet on high digits with the intention of high odds.


Loss factors in the blast game 

It should be noted that the explosion game is very risky. This game can be a destroyer while making money. Just watch a few minutes of this fascinating game to motivate its performance and the play of your players. 

 Users who are not familiar with this game should say that the explosion casino game consists of a chart that moves with great speed; This chart suddenly stops moving. Those who leave the game before the odds close are the winners and those who face the red odds are the losers.

 Therefore, if you go to this game and encounter a red factor while betting, you will lose the blast game. Now the question arises that if we face a loss, how can we make up for the losses of the explosion game?


Experience the most important asset in the blast game

These methods argue the explosion game algorithm and guide you on how to analyze the behavior of this mysterious algorithm and understand how to succeed in it. In principle, if you can analyze the behavior of the algorithm, you can simply find the high coefficients and enter the game at the right time and make a correct bet.

 The first thing to do to avoid too much is to try to make a profit. Each field has its own way and wells for efficiency, and in this case, the tricks of the explosion game are very effective. Explosion game tricks are methods that you can use to analyze this game and learn how to win.


What tricks are needed to start the blast game? 

To get started, you must select a digit as the bet digit. A number that has no limits means that you can put as little or as much as you like in the game. It’s up to you to take the risk. For example, we will start the game with 50 thousand tomans.

 Well, now you can wait for the game to start by pressing the register button. The game starts with the growth of the graph you see in the center of the game screen. Along with this graph, the number on it also increases, which is basically your coefficient. Note that in each hand of the game this coefficient stops on a number.

 How to play your explosion should be such that before closing this coefficient, click on the withdrawal option. The moment you click on the pick option, the number on the chart will be converted to your coefficient at that moment.

 For example, let’s tell you that in this hand you have been drawn on a factor of 5, but the game has gone up to a factor of 15. But your coefficient is the same as 5 and your money is 5 times that is 250 thousand tomans. This example was on a small scale. You assume that your entry fee will increase.


High motivation in the blast game

His thoughts can also be a good motivation to start this game. Also, one of the unwritten rules of this game is related to the time when you see relatively good coefficients in several hands! If such a scene happened to you and several hands were closed with high coefficients, we advise you to stop playing! Because soon the game will be closed at a very low coefficient. Pay attention to this point in your priorities.


How to play Blast Game is to use the “Auto Pick” option. By setting this option, you specify at what coefficient the game will stop for you. At first glance, you may not notice much of this particular and consider it completely useless. But when you become a professional in this game, sometimes you can predict the odds. Such an impression will become your main decision in time.

See so many valuable friends play that even hundreds of seconds are important to you. Therefore, this option picks up whenever the game reaches the specified coefficient. Another feature in the game of explosion is that by activating it, you can protect yourself from possible dangers such as internet interruption, cell phone rust, etc.


Risk-taking in the blast game

This game is basically different from the explosion game, but to win both you have to have the power of decision, risk and speed of action. Also, both of these games are lucrative and lucrative, which can be an important and key point for you.


5 quick and easy ways to win in the blast game

Be sure to analyze the game

 We tell you to take a few minutes to analyze the system before you start betting on this game. Most of the time, the game system follows an almost certain algorithm that can be used to predict the probability coefficient in some hands. Be sure to do a little analysis before starting the game to win more and increase the success rate, and then start your game.

  Some hands may have high odds due to the small amount of money that goes into the gaming system. Although it can not be proven with certainty, but obviously the game system will prevent the loss of the site as much as possible. Therefore, in addition to analyzing the coefficients, we also suggest analyzing the amount of profit received and the loss of the blast game system, to what extent the numbers will fall into this category.


Do not put all your money in one hand

 Explosion is a very mysterious game and anything is possible in this game; For this reason, it is not possible to rely on its system and therefore we have to wait for failure. Therefore, we suggest that you do not put all your money in one hand and try to play more with your profit.


Do not enter the game after very high coefficients

Do not be fooled by high odds in the game. It often happens that in one hand of the game we faced high coefficients and in the next hand the coefficient was very low. This is due to the loss of the system, which later comes into play in an attempt to make up for lost money.


Use the bonus to charge more

 Some sites, such as Idol Smokers, give users a 30 percent added bonus when they first enter their blast game, which means more charges for each amount of money. Therefore, you can use this bonus for your bets in the game and do not participate in the game with your real money.


Conclusion : 

As we told you at the beginning of this article, the game of explosion can be a double-edged sword; It can be both good and deadly for treatment, so before each game, we ask you to read this article in its entirety on the top B site, so that a great and excellent money-making experience is waiting for you; To play on a reputable site, click on the betting site in the green bar at the bottom.

 Author: Behnam Ferdowsipour


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