How to Go About Building a Great App

What exactly did we do in a time before apps came into existence? It seems scarcely imaginable! Apps have become a quintessential part of the mobile phone experience, and companies have worked hard to make them evolutionary with their special features.

Nowadays, we take apps for granted, as we routinely post pictures or share videos on social media platforms. We are also in a rush nowadays to grab the latest news and salacious gossip while on the move.

But there is plenty of thought that goes into building a great app. Firstly, you need to work out your target audience. Who is going to use the app? If you carry out market research effectively, and then check the business potential of the app, you will be able to narrow down who your audience should be.

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Search for stats and trends. The larger the group, the more likely there could be a problem with your app idea, so ideally target a niche where the market isn’t over-saturated.

Also, simplicity is key. The design should be eye-catching and it should draw a person to sign up for an app. This is certainly the case with gaming apps. For example, Toca Life World, is a world-building app for kids. Here, you can create a character, and the game is free to play.

Social media platforms, meanwhile, have focussed on being user friendly to keep users glued to the content. For example, it is very easy to flick through videos, reels and pics on Instagram, and it brings you closer to your favourite celebrities.

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However, the worldwide appeal of apps can’t be understated. In sports mad countries, such as India, fans want to be able to connect to the stars of the game, whether it be through news or interviews or even through short video clips. The importance of this is emphasised when it comes to cricket betting, as fans want to be thrust into the heart of the action. Bet365 is widely regarded as the best cricket betting app in India, as fans can live stream matches or even bet in-play, so they don’t miss a single boundary or dismissal.

Naturally, we demand a lot from the apps we use. Of course, the best ones will stay ahead of the curve, and they will offer value. After all, users want to be motivated to download it.

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Some apps may be native for a specific device, but they must make sure they are highly responsive. Nobody will want to download an app that contains bugs, or has slow running times for loading pages.

Apps are always continuing to push the boundaries, and as we have seen, they will also cater to their target audience. More importantly, they will have updates and special features built in, to keep users engaged.

But above all, apps need to be reliable and high performing, otherwise users will look elsewhere. New apps are always being brought to the market every day, and the ones that connect with their audience and stand out, will be worth their salt in the long term.

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