6 Tips to Help You Avoid Fake Torrents

Due to the nature of peer-to-peer networks, they represent an effective way to infect most computers with malware. The small file downloads fast and infect your device stealthily. Therefore, you need to know how to spot fake torrents. Did you know that your internet browsing is visible by internet service providers? They can collect your data and share it with third parties. Therefore, you need to ensure it is inaccessible to anyone. More so, if you plan to share and download torrent files. But, do not be afraid to use pirate bay or this website and other popular torrent platforms. It is better to use a popular one than those whose reputation is unknown to you. Below are tips to help you stay away from fake torrents.

Use safe torrent clients and trusted applications

Today, many reports of malicious torrent clients seeding viruses, fraudulent software, and key loggers are there. Therefore, it is best to stick to popular torrent clients, such as uTorrent. Also, always use your set of trusted applications when you download a torrent. For instance, use your favorite music player and video player instead of third-party software. When you use safe torrent clients, you are sure you stay away from the fake ones.

Avoid downloading the latest movies

If you are browsing torrents online, temptations may arise to download content, for instance, a brand new movie release you stumble upon on an unfamiliar torrent site. Unfortunately, no matter how you feel or think if it is right to download the movie. You may end up with a virus, and this is copyright infringement. Be careful, for this is a common way abusive uploaders use to spread malware. If it is the period of a new movie release coming out soon, you find many torrents claiming to share a leaked version of it. Unfortunately, these are fake torrents you should avoid at all costs.

Double-check RAR, ZIP, and TAR files

Most torrents come as a single RAR file. Plus, these RAR files are archives you need to open and remove from the archive to use them. If there’s malware in the file archive, your computer gets infected easily. But, not all RAR or ZIP files have viruses. It applies to movies, for most movie files are compressed already, and you do not have to compress them further into RAR files. Also, most software comes archived already, and you need to use an antivirus to check archived content.

Download verified torrents

Most popular torrent websites have administrators who check torrents. The role of the administrators is to ensure torrents do not contain malware, and you will end up with the files you want. While checking torrent sites, and they appear as ‘verified’, this is a good sign. Other torrent sites use a different way to know verified torrents. For instance, on The Pirate Bay, a green skull icon next to the user name means a verified uploader, also known as VIP uploaders. Unfortunately, verified torrents are not in plenty, and there are millions of them out there, and you cannot check all of them.

Read through the comments

As you browse torrent websites, most have a comments section. Make sure you read these comments, for they are valuable to help you stay away from fake torrents. The torrent user’s community is friendly, and most individuals share their thoughts on files they download. As you read through, you will see if there is a mention of the movie being of poor quality, if the user received a copyright infringement notice or if there’s malware included. So, take the time to look at the comments section, for they are more valuable than you think.

Check the seeder/ leecher ratio

Overall, always pick healthy torrents, for they have more seeders and fewer leechers. When a torrent site has 3000 seeders and 1500 leechers, it is a good sign. You can download it quickly as fast as your internet connection allows. But, you should know most of those who download torrents will automatically become seeders. But where a torrent site has more than 10,000 seeders but only 1000 leechers or less, this is a sign the site may be fake. Avoid using this torrent site.

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